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Nursing Case: When an Elderly Loved One Suddenly Needs Care

If there is a sudden nursing case in your family, don’t panic. Stay calm, communicate well with everyone involved, and find a plan that works.

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Adding a Family Pool? 4 Things to Consider

How about having a family pool? We list four important things to consider before setting up a pool and enjoying summer at home to its maximum.

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Pool Safety for Kids

Drowning is one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths in kids. That’s why it is so important for parents and caregivers to learn about pool safety for kids.

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How to Set up an Aquarium

Looking for new housemates? We tell you how to set up an aquarium. There are only a few steps to take to be able to enjoy the magic of colorful fish.

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10 Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special during Corona Crisis

Defy Corona! We show you 10 ways to make your child’s birthday special during the corona crisis. Read our tips for an extraordinary birthday party.

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Mastering the Transition into Retirement

Retirement is a time met with all kinds of emotions. But in general, it is a needed and well-deserved time of rest and discovery. Embrace retirement for all the very best things it has to offer, including side jobs!

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101 Things to Do When Kids Say “I’m Bored”

Next time your little one whines “I’m bored!”, nip boredom in the bud and check out this list of 101 fun activities for kids!

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Success Tips for Tutoring Online

Corona has forced many teachers and tutors to work online. Here is what it takes to be good at tutoring online. Read our tips!


Strategies to Help Seniors Fight Loneliness During Pandemic

That’s what you can do for your elderly loved ones. We showcase some strategies to help seniors fight loneliness during the corona pandemic.

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5 Easy DIY Dog Toys

Do you wanna spoil your dog? We tell you about five quick and easy DIYs for dog toys using leftover things in your home.

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