4 Ways to Earn More On

Sometimes with care jobs your wallet needs that little extra boost. If that’s the case then help is at hand! Here are 4 ways to earn more on

Care work brings many of its own unique rewards, from helping people day in and day out to having a flexible schedule to your work day.
But sometimes, as with all jobs, your wallet needs that little extra boost. If that’s the case then help is at hand! Below are 4 ways to earn more on

Re-consider Your Current Pay Rate
If you’re already employed, the easiest way to improve your financial situation is by looking at your current salary. Is your employer paying market rates? Check your salary on our childcare rate calculators to make sure you’re making what you should be. Take your education, previous experience, current responsibilities and length of service into consideration. Compare the rates you’re charging with those of other caregivers in your community.
If you suspect you’re being underpaid, it may be time to have a conversation with your employer. Focus on demonstrating the value you’ve created in the position, including tasks you may be doing but aren’t being paid for, such as running errands or helping with the laundry.

Add Odd Jobs to Your Profile
Ever have an afternoon free? You can use that time for one-off jobs that will land you some quick cash. offers a feature that allows families and companies to post jobs requesting help running errands or completing odd jobs. Maybe someone needs help purchasing groceries for an aging parent, setting up for a party, organizing a closet or addressing holiday cards.
To sign up for these types of jobs, go to “My Profile & Settings”, then under “My Services”, add that you want to be an “Errands & Odd Jobs Provider”. It will help to show families you can help with these jobs. Check out housekeeping jobs to look for odd jobs in your area.

Pick Up Transportation Jobs
A common job posting is for transporting kids, adults or seniors to and from appointments. This could include running errands, heading to after-school activities, going to the doctor or visiting family and friends. These jobs can be regular recurring opportunities or one-time offers. If you have a car, a license and a clean driving record, driving others is a great way to make some money.
If you’ve routinely used to search for a specific type of job, such as a nanny position, remember that people also use our service to post jobs ranging from elder care to pet walking. If you’re looking to make more money for a special occasion or to raise your income in the long-term, taking the initiative and applying for these different opportunities is a great way to get ahead.

Take on Pet Care Jobs
Pet owners love their furry friends, and many owners are stuck at the office during the day. To make sure that their dog is able to get outdoors and get a little exercise and attention, many people are looking for someone in the neighborhood that’s able to take their pet for a walk. If the user has cats, they may want you to stop by to interact with the cats and check food and water levels.
If you get along with animals, applying to pet care jobs is a great way to make extra money, while only committing a small piece of your day. The best part is you’ll get to spend it caring for an adorable pet!


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