Extra Income

6 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income during the Holidays

by freelance writer Riley Herder

The holiday season offers many unique opportunities to earn extra income. Here are some ideas.

Extra Income

The holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most expensive. With travel costs, gifts for family and friends, indulgent foods and more, it is all too easy to exceed budgets. The good news is that during this time, there are many unique opportunities to earn extra income. Many households around you are looking for a helping hand. So, if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone, you can do some good in your neighborhood and earn additional income while you’re at it.

Extra Income

1. Raking Leaves

Busy families and elderly homeowners often have a difficult time getting to the leaves on their lawns, driveways, sidewalks and even gutters. You can offer to help rake up and bag leaves around your neighborhood. This can go a long way to make someone’s day and they will be glad to compensate for this simple service.

2. Clearing Snow from Walkways

Slipping on frozen walkways is a major health risk in senior citizens. Unfortunately, many of them are unable to shovel snow and spread salt or sand. Taking just a moment to help keep sidewalks and driveways safe to walk on will be a big help, and is another great way to earn a little extra. Just be sure to bring your own equipment: a large snow shovel, rock salt or sand.

3. Pet Sitting

As your neighbors make holiday travel plans, they will likely be faced with the task of finding temporary pet care in their absence. If you have experience with animals and your schedule permits you to care of their basic needs at least once a day, then offering to pet sit is a fantastic, low-commitment way to make some money over the holidays.

4. House Sitting

Similarly, those spending a week or more away from their homes may benefit from paying someone to stay in their house and take care of daily tasks. These are normally very simple, and shouldn’t interrupt your daily life. Just make sure to get a full, clear list of expectations and responsibilities before they head out.

5. Decorating

The holidays are busy times for just about everyone. With Christmas shopping to haul in, travel plans and entertaining guests more than usual, a lot of families feel that they could use a hand decorating the inside and outside of their homes. If you have an eye for decorating, you may be able to not only help hang lights and ornaments, but also offer tasteful advice of your own to help make their homes truly shine.

6. Winterizing Gardens

Finally, our homes and gardens generally need to be prepared for cold months. Flower beds and vegetable patches must be winterized properly and this is a task that people often could use some help with. If you have a green thumb, then bundle up and make some easy money helping a friend or neighbor ready their gardens for harsh weather.

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