Is Your Profile Picture Hurting Your Job Search?

Are you not getting responses to the jobs you want? Here are tips on how to have a fantastic photo and make your profile stand out the right way.

Whether your picture was rejected from or you’re not getting replies to your job applications, it might be because of a bad photo. Here’s what to upload instead.

The picture is important
Families have said it: The profile picture is an important part of the application. As part of the hiring process, they’re looking for a picture they can connect with, one that immediately gives them a sense of your personality. You should think of your picture as your online “first impression.” You want it to be memorable, for all the right reasons.

Choose a professional photo
There is a distinct difference between the sorts of photos found on a dating site or a Facebook profile, and those suitable to include on a job application. Steer clear of anything that’s provocative or reveals too much skin. Think carefully about the setting, they don’t want a self-taken shot as you sit in your bedroom or car. Choose a photo that you’d be comfortable giving to your boss or one that you would put on your LinkedIn profile. Remember, when parents scan their inbox of job responses, they’re looking for someone they can trust with their most important possessions – their children and their home. You want your picture to show maturity and trustworthiness.

Make sure it’s clear
You’d be surprised by the number of blurry shots we see. Or, pictures that were clearly taken by holding the camera at arm’s length. Ask a friend to take your picture using a digital camera with a good resolution and in good light. Be sure to face the camera and look straight at the lens. Don’t wear sunglasses or hide your face in any way. The picture should connect with the parents.

Don’t include friends
You should be the only person in the photo. Don’t upload a picture of you and a friend because it can be confusing to figure out who you are. If you have a photo you love, but it’s of you and a friend, try cropping them out. If this isn’t possible, take a new image.

Don’t use pictures with children
We get it; you’re looking for a babysitting job so what’s better than a photo with children? Unfortunately, you need the permission of the parents if you use any photo with a child in it. Most of the time, a photo of you with a child cannot be accepted because we don’t have permission from the family to have the children on our site. If you do want to use a photo with the children you nanny for, you need to have the family telephone to give permission. [Note: If you are a family looking for care (hiring a babysitter or a nanny) you are able to post a picture of your own children on the site.]

Avoid solo shots of pets
A dog is Woman’s best friend, we get that. But just as you should leave your human friends out of your profile photo; leave your fuzzy ones behind too. Not that we don’t love to see them, but your face should be the main attraction. Remember, people aren’t hiring your dog.

Don’t use Photoshopped photos
We all love photos with fun borders and creative effects. But on, strange formatting makes it hard for us to see you. Don’t use any photos where the picture is cut-off, and no purely scenic shots. We love that view from Italy, but if you aren’t in the photo, we can’t allow it to be on the site.

At the end of the day, your profile picture needs to be appropriate and professional. By having a great photo, families don’t have a reason to “skip over you” and will take the time to read how brilliant you are. So find or take a photo that will make a great first impression.



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