Make the Most of Your Care.com Profile

Get 5 tips to help you increase your job search success rate by making sure your Care.com Canada profile is the best that it can be.

Your profile is up and now you’re waiting for a response. But will it get you the response that you want? When looking for a nanny or babysitter position online, your profile is your key to making a good impression. If you’re struggling to land your next nanny or babysitting job, you can influence your success rate by making sure your Care.com profile is the best that it can be.
“By just using a few applications on Care.com, you can really build your online character traits — which is the best way for potential clients to see all the great things you can bring to them as a nanny or babysitter,” says Martha Fan, Care.com’s Member Care Manager. Here, Fan offers some tips to help you make the most of your profile.

Include as much information as possible
Employers want to get to know you through your profile. “You’ve got to go beyond saying things like, ‘I like children’ or ‘I babysit for my niece’,” says Fan. Be specific about your years of experience and how long you have worked in each position. “People like to see that you view being a child caregiver as your profession,” advises Fan. Be as detailed as possible regarding your experience, and show that you have built strong relationships with your past or current families. Also, be sure to revise your profile regularly and update it as needed, especially your availability chart.

Upload a photo
People want to see photos of who might be taking care of their children or loved ones, says Fan. “It brings your profile to life and helps people feel like they know you already,” she says. If you don’t already have a photo on your profile, be sure to post one that gives a respectable representation of yourself.

Highlight your skills
Are you taking any courses? Have you taught schoolchildren in the past? Do you have a degree in nursing? Be sure to make any training very clear in your profile–people like to see that you have skills and experiences that you can bring to the job. Also, be sure to emphasize any past experience that includes specialization such as caring for twins or children with special needs.
If you don’t have a certificate in First Aid, consider looking into a course. “It’s a basic skill that can really make you stand out from other candidates,” says Fan. Canadian Red Cross runs regular training sessions in First Aid for children and young people…

Personalise your application
When you apply to a job posting, you have an option to send a message. Use it! Be sure to personalize the message for that particular job posting, so it doesn’t feel like a mass posting, suggests Martha.

Ask for recommendations
If you have other families that you’ve worked with, ask them to write a recommendation for you and integrate that into your profile.



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