Nannies, Learn How To Earn Extra Money

Nannies, Learn How To Earn Extra Money

Earn extra money as a nanny or caregiver with these useful and effective tips. Boost your income!

Having a job as a nanny is demanding but brings rewards that are rarely found in other jobs – you know you’re providing invaluable support and care for families. But, as with any job in life, sometimes you just need rewards that help you pay the weekly bills.
Here are 8 ways caregivers can boost their income.

1. Is it Time for a Raise? 
Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. Talk to your employer about getting paid more. Use the babysitter pay calculator to find out what the average sitter makes in your area and compare that to what you earn. When was your last raise? Have you taken on any additional duties? Do you regularly receive great feedback about your care? Talk to your employer about why you deserve a raise. If budgets are tight, the family may not be able to afford the complete raise. But talk about slowly increasing your salary over a time period and other ways you can make this work.

2. Complete Some Extra Chores 
If you really want that raise, ask the family if you could take on extra duties around the house. Although the kids should always be your first priority, many parents could also use a little help around the house. Some of the more popular tasks families are willing to pay for are grocery shopping, family laundry, light housekeeping duties, errands and household organization. Negotiate ways you could help with these tasks, without sacrificing your time spent with the kids, such as while the little ones are napping or by coming to work an hour earlier in the morning.

3. Consider Extra Babysitting
One of the best ways to supplement nanny income is to provide childcare to other families during your off hours. Ask your regular family if you can also babysit the kids during weekends or date nights. Find out if they have any friends or family who need a babysitter. Apply to jobs on posted by other families looking for occasional babysitters.

4. Advertise
Be aware of new work opportunities – carry a nanny bag that lets other parents know you’re a caregiver. You may get talking to a Mom looking for childcare at the school gate. You could always have a link to your website on your nanny bag or keep some business cards on you.

5. Create a Blog
Whether you create your own website and sell advertising on the site, or write online content for a public website, using your writing talents and experiences is a great way to make extra money. Blogging and freelance writing can be done during naptime and in your free out-of-work hours. 
Of course, make sure you preserve the privacy of any current or former employers by using pseudonyms and avoiding recognizable information.

6. Look for Part-Time Work
Find a second job for some extra quick cash, such as being a part-time server or bar tender. Make sure that your second job is something that you love and enjoy as much as nannying. Also make sure it doesn’t conflict with the energy you need to perform at your best self for your nanny job. Be sure that you’re not overworking yourself.

7. Get Creative
Nannies often spend time making crafty items with the kids. Upgrade your crafty skills and sell items you’ve made in an online store where you can buy and sell handmade and vintage items.

8. Start Tutoring
Families are always in need of tutors. Think about your areas of expertise. Did you get all As in biology or help your own kids pass math? You may be able to help other children.

The opportunities nannies have for making additional income are endless. Nannies are fortunate to have flexible schedules, so they have the opportunity to make some extra money in a variety of ways.
But with all of these options, be careful that your regular family doesn’t think you’re ready to jump ship! If they think your attention isn’t on their kids, you may find yourself with no job at all.



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