Safety Checklist for Babysitters and Nannies

Do you have a child care safety plan? A just-in-case checklist that nannies and babysitters can use for those child care emergencies.

A just-in-case checklist for childcare emergencies.

Do you have a child care safety plan? Have the families you work for given you emergency contacts? This re-useable, just-in-case checklist for babysitters and nannies will help you keep track of emergency contacts, procedures, and health concerns for all the children you care for.

Download it here: Child Care Safety Checklist

Keep a copy on the refrigerator, save each number and detail on your phone, and make sure you have a printout with you each time you’re on the job. If there’s an emergency while you’re working, this handy checklist will tell you what to do and who to call.

Stay safe!



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