Which Skills Should I Include on My Babysitter Resume?

Updating your resume can seem like a daunting task. Use this template to make sure you include the right qualifications, applying for a babysitting job.

Education, Skills & Qualifications

Education: Listing your education helps the family know more about you. Include the name of your college or university, the degree earned, and your year of graduation. Even if you are still in school, list your major and the expected year of graduation. You may wish to include relevant courses (such as childhood education) or courses that may be of interest and spark conversation.

Skills and qualifications:  Any babysitting skills or babysitting qualifications you have should be outlined on your resume. List if you have CPR certification, if you are a certified lifeguard, or have First Aid training. Other qualifications you may want to include? Relevant tutoring skills, cooking abilities or anything else a family would appreciate knowing about. These skills-especially those that deal with health and safety-are a valuable asset for a babysitter to have.

Licensure: List here any certifications or licenses you have received. At the end of some babysitting courses, students will receive a babysitter certification or a babysitter’s license.

Related Work Experience: Not all work experience needs to be listed on a babysitting resume. (We’ve all flipped burgers at some point!) If you’ve held a lot of different jobs, list only those relevant to babysitting or child health and safety. Re-read the babysitting job ad to see what a family is looking for and match whatever work experience you have based on the ad. Most resumes include three previous jobs (starting with the most recent), but it’s not uncommon to see two or even five if the work experience is relevant.

Responsibilities:  Be sure to list some of the different responsibilities you had at the job. Only 2-3 responsibilities are needed for each job. Make sure to use action verbs to describe these responsibilities and make sure the verbs are listed in past tense if you no longer work at this job. Some families may be looking for good grammar, spelling and proper punctuation on your resume.

Cover letter:  Do you need a babysitting cover letter with your resume? It depends on whether or not the family requests it. If they do ask for a cover letter, be sure to express your interest in the job and why you want to work for the family. A cover letter doesn’t have to be long (no more than three paragraphs) but should highlight some of your skills and qualifications.


When families are done interviewing candidates, they may forget who has which skills. Listing your qualifications on your babysitter resume and/or cover letter is a good reminder of who you are and what you can provide.

You may also want to include your profile photo on your resume or cover letter. This helps families have a visual reminder of who you are.


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