20 White Lies Parents Tell Their Children

We always tell children to tell the truth, but every parent is guilty of making up a few little white lies to make life easier! Here are some of our favourites!

Lying is wrong. Always tell the truth. That’s what we tell them of course. But let’s be honest, all parents lie to their children at some point or another. Whether you lie to protect your child’s innocence, to get them to do something, or to get a little “me time”, you’re just trying to make parenthood a little easier. And we’ve all done it. We asked some of our favorite parenting bloggers what white lies they tell their kids – and we must say, they’re pretty darn funny!

Yes, Daddy loves playing with Lego – wake him up first!

Waking up at the crack of dawn isn’t many people’s idea of fun. You’ll say anything for a few more minutes of shut-eye!

2. I always eat a healthy breakfast

Setting a good example is crucial to getting your children to eat healthily. Sometimes though, a croissant, pain au chocolat or chocolate cereal is a really appealing alternative… just don’t let your children know!

3. Yes there is a scout badge for washing my car

Lying to your children in instances like this can be a greatly beneficial learning tool for them. It can teach them all kinds of things they otherwise wouldn’t learn. (It also makes your life a teeny bit easier, with one less chore!)

4. The leftover desserts have gone off again

Leftover desserts often make the perfect snack. But, you know, admitting that to the children makes life more complicated for everyone — a little white lie can sort this out in no time!

5. The ice cream van music means they’ve sold out

For most parents this is the only way to get out of this one. After all, how else do you distract their attention from a delectable sugary treat coming towards them?

6. It’s chicken

This is the classic lie of which most parents are guilty. Children will almost always cause a fuss if they find out what they’re eating is something new – even if they like the taste.

7. The fairy did it

If anything is clear about children, it’s that they don’t question fairies. The Bottle Fairy, Nappy Fairy, the Monster Fairy… the list goes on! They can fix all life’s problems.

8. Your dad is much smarter than me

When the little ones just won’t stop nagging with questions or want help with homework or a science project, it is sometimes easier to claim ignorance and send them Dad’s way.

9. I don’t know how to work the Wii

They can’t play it if nobody can fix it, right?

10. Of course I didn’t throw away your painting

As lovely as all of your little one’s masterpieces are, there’s just no room for all of them. Some just have to go missing.

11. You played really well!

Sport can open up a whole new realm of self-confidence issues — so sometimes it is just best to lie to keep them smiling! A little white lie goes a long way!

12. The tooth fairy was too tired- she left your money on the kitchen table

The perfect solution for a forgetful tooth fairy is obviously to put the blame on the person at fault!

13. Your pink Elmo top is in the wash

After insisting to wear the same clothes for five days in a row — even when they grew out of them two months ago — this response is the only option!

14. I don’t know why their ice cream isn’t nice

If they’re insisting upon ice cream, and you just cannot deal with the following sugar rush, slip them a sugar-free ice cream to compromise. Just don’t let them know, then everyone’s happy, right?

15. Hi, is that Father Christmas? It’s Lauren’s Mum

Epic tantrums from a four-year-old are often solved by a quick phone call to Mr. Clause.

16. Sorry, you’re allergic to strawberry laces

This white lie is a win-win. You can save your kids’ teeth and health while enjoying a mid-day treat for all your hard work as a parent.

17. No, you don’t look geeky in those glasses

Yes, having a confident child is important – but a child that can see? Even better.

18. The cat has gone on holiday

Terrified of breaking your little one’s heart when they find out their furry friend has died? The cat went on a long trip didn’t they?

19. If you don’t brush, the dentist will pull your teeth out

Not only does this kind of pain terrify kids, the idea of eating soup for the rest of their lives and having no teeth is another great source of dental care motivation.

20. Daddy is allergic to dogs

Every child wants a family pet, but when being a parent of two is enough, you have to blame someone!

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