Organising Hacks for Kids Clutter

11 Organizing Hacks For Kids’ Clutter

Simple tips to combat kids' clutter fast and keep things tidy!

Does it sometimes feel like you’re drowning in toys and art supplies? If you step on another hair clip, will you actually lose your mind? Stop the madness! Never feel the agonizing pain of a Lego under your feet again.
Try these simple organization hacks to clean up your kids’ clutter before it completely takes over:

  1. Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose
    Is your child’s desk so covered up in art supplies, you can’t even use it to do projects? It’s time to revert it back to useful. Make the most of your wall space by using hanging organizers for art supplies. Hang a small kitchen rod on the wall over the desk or table, and use hooks to hang cups that you can fill with crayons, pencils and other supplies.

  3. Welcome Yourself to the Future
    If your little one is only in kindergarten and you already have bins full of artwork, you may be wondering how in the world you’re going to save it all without moving to a bigger house. Stop packing and go digital instead. Scan or photograph your kids’ artwork, then upload the pictures and make a keepsake photo book on a site like Shutterfly.

  5. Embrace the Small World
    Use small storage bins to organize and store all the random toys that don’t seem to belong anywhere specific. Kids can pull bins out as they play and then replace them for easy clean up.

  7. Realize When It’s Time to Downsize
    If it feels like your kids have more toys than a toy store, try downsizing. Put half the toys in a closet. When your tots tire of the toys they’ve been playing with a while, rotate them out. You’ll cut down on your kids’ clutter, and they’ll be more entertained by toys they’ve forgotten about.

  9. Avoid Having Hair Elastics Everywhere
    Tame the explosion of hair clips and headbands with a few simple organization hacks. Use an ice cube tray in a drawer to separate out hair clip pairs, and hang elastic hair bands on a large carabiner to keep them in one easy-to-access place.

  11. Divide and Conquer
    Clothes for kids — especially tiny baby clothes — can easily become a disorganized mess in a giant dresser drawer. Keep things neat by dividing the drawer with small containers. You can also make do-it-yourself dividers with old shoe boxes.

  13. Never See Another Lego Again
    Have you stepped on a stray Lego one too many times? If your tyke’s Lego collection is out of control, set up a specific storage space just for them. Organize pieces by color and store each in its own labeled bin. Use a three-ring binder filled with clear sleeves to store instruction manuals.

  15. Displace the Monsters Under the Bed
    Sweep away the dust bunnies and make the most of a small space by utilizing the area under beds for storage. Store winter clothes, extra linens or toys in flat bins with lids that can slide easily under a bed or crib.

  17. Stuff the Stuffed Animals
    If your little one’s stuffed animals take up more room in the bed than she does, make some space to sleep. A mesh collapsible clothing hamper makes a great catchall for a big stuffed animal collection. You can make a clean-up game out of taking turns tossing them back into the basket.

  19. Have Refuge Nearby
    Does your living room look like a tornado blew through at the end of the day? Keep a large (but pretty!) basket handy for the toys that get pulled out daily for a quick clean-up before bedtime.

  21. Don’t Get Puzzled Over Storage
    Puzzles are fun, but they’re often cumbersome to store. Minimize the space they take up by getting rid of their boxes and storing puzzle pieces in clear zip-top bags instead. Cut the box top image out to keep as a puzzle guide — without all the bulk.

Organizing kids’ clutter teaches your little ones the importance of cleaning up and actually caring about their stuff.
How do you get your kids to clean? Let us know below! If you need an extra pair of helping hands around your home, check out local housekeepers on



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