14 Things Daughters Learn from their Dads

To celebrating dads and the things that they teach you here are the 14 things that we hope our daughters learn from their Dads.

In our family, there is someone called the Health and Safety Officer, and another called the Illness and Danger Officer. No prizes for guessing which is Mom and which is Dad…in the spirit of this division of responsibilities, we at put together a list of things that we’ve learnt from our Dads, and what we hope our daughters learn from their Dads.
Whilst every Dad brings something a little dangerous (and fun!) to our lives…these warriors against spiders and expert car mechanics also have a soft and fluffy side, bless ’em.
Celebrating dads and the things that they teach you…Here are the 14 things that we hope our daughters learn from their Dads…


  1. Please, don’t be scared of insects. Charming in a 5 year old, slightly weird in a 40 year old.
  2. Work out how to change a lightbulb before you leave home.
  3. Learn how to put up a tent. You may choose never to use it, but you gain so much kudos with 9 year old boys if you have this skill.
  4. Lift, and then actually look, under the bonnet of a car. And have a vague idea of what’s going on in there.
  5. Get to work on time. Every day.
  6. Dress beautifully, no matter the occasion.
  7. Spend a lot of time smiling. Not only does it make you look attractive, it prevents most arguments too.
  8. Use price comparison websites. They are used by millions of people for a good reason.
  9. lways carry spare champagne.
  10. When you go to buy furniture, have the room measurements on your iPhone.
  11. When, one day, you visit your own daughter’s house, cook her favourite meal for her and cherish her kids every minute you’re there.
  12. Read your children bedtime stories using funny voices.
  13. Write your loved ones letters telling them how much you love them.
  14. Love and cherish your in-laws. They have had a lot to put with.

What do you hope your child or children learn from their father? Tell us below.

With best wishes for a Happy Father’s Day



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