14 Things to Do With Dad on Father’s Day

Lost for new Father’s Day ideas this year? Here’s a list of 15 things to do with Dad, which will make this day as memorable as ever!

Lost for new ideas for how to make Father’s Day special this year? Here’s a list of 14 things to do with Dad, any combination of which will make this Father’s Day as memorable as ever!

1. Make him smile
Make a handmade Father’s Day card – with a twist. This time, interview each child and create a graphic way for Dad to see himself in their eyes. What do they love most about him? What is funny? What activities do they love doing with him? How would they describe him? Put this together in a collage or card. Frame it, if it’s pretty. And give. And if you have a baby, you can write what you know she’d say, if she could talk!
We love this example by Daffodil Design.

2. Plan a picnic
Organize a lunch outing and invite other families (must include his Dad-friends). Pack fun drinks and it’s a party!

3. Give him a pass
Invite other family fathers (grandfathers, fathers-in-law, brothers and other family friends) to join Dad for a day out playing golf, hiking, watching or playing his favorite sport. Give him a break from parenting for the day.

4. Surprise him with adoration
Have the kids wear an ‘I Love My Dad’ t-shirt for the day. Or make funny t-shirts with a picture of Dad on it, and ‘I Love this Guy’ on it.

5. Go somewhere you haven’t been before
Go for a family bike ride or short hike, and picnic somewhere you haven’t been before.

6. Chicken & chocolate
Have the kids help you make all of Dad’s favorite foods for the day. Buffalo wings and chocolate cake for dinner? Yup. He’ll love it and you know it.

7. Plan a Get-Away
Organize a family get-away. Does he love camping and fishing? Go for it. Does he prefer history and fine food? Plan a day or weekend adventure.

8. Build stuff
Does Dad like to build stuff with the kids? Arrange the tools he needs to build something together with the kids like a birdhouse, dollhouse or lego spaceship.

9. Create a scavenger hunt
Have the kids help you create a scavenger hunt in the garden or at home for Dad, with surprise ‘We Love You’ art or crafts by the kids hidden at every step.

10. Enlist the kids’ creativity
Surprise him with a fun framed photo of the kids delivering a message for Dad. We love these ideas compiled by Happy Home Fairy.
Photo idea by Motherhood on a Dime.

11. Show him something special
Surprise him with a photo book of photos of him and the kids (if you have older kids, they can narrate some of their favorite memories with quotes and “this is when Dad…” stories.) For inspiration, check out this fun idea by Positively Splendid.

12. For the sports-lover
Get tickets to see his favorite sports team and eat out at a special restaurant.

13. Create quality time
Organize an old-fashioned board games night-in with the kids – with smartphones or tablets strictly banned!

14. Dad’s favourite activity
Arrange a morning or afternoon of mini golf for Dad with the entire family (or bowling if the weather doesn’t cooperate).



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