6 Things We Would Miss If Dads Went On Strike

A Father's Day special taking stock of how our other half's take part in parenting, and what we would miss if Dads went on strike for a day.

There was a series of blog posts that went viral recently, where a Mom catalogued her attempt at going on strike. As I was reading it, I really identified with this lady. Day One – Mom didn’t cook for the family; Day 2 – the dishes started piling up; Day 3 – the children took things into their own hands and started helping in the kitchen. I loved this idea – it played into all my emotions and feelings that we Moms get taken for granted and my wish that we all stand up and be counted. Maybe I would try it as well and blog about it?
After these first feelings of self-righteousness died down, I took stock of how I feel about my other half’s part of the parenting bargain. And I very quickly worked out that I take him for granted. We live our home lives along very stereotyped gender lines. Soccer training? His job. Camping holidays? His. Learning to ride a bike, and looking after those bicycles? Dad’s job. Taking out the rubbish? Changing lightbulbs? Making sure the car gets serviced? Yes, you guessed it – my husband’s job.
So, in the interests of celebrating all the Dads we know and love for Father’s Day, here are 6 of the top things we would all miss if Dads went on strike for the day:

1. Fun
There is nothing like the Big Kid that is Dad to bring on the fun times! Laura Schwormstedt, blogger on Side Street Style says: “Arthur our son has a very strong bond with his Dad, he brings the fun element to the weekend and I think he would miss pretending to fix things with his tools.” Tim Atkinson (Bringing up Charlie) says: “I think ‘fun’ … not that moms aren’t full of fun too, but everyone knows we dads are just big kids at heart.”

2. Cooking
Yes really – this came up a lot. Susan Mann (her blog is SusanKMann) and Laura Schwormstedt would both miss their other half’s cooking. Laura says “we would eat delicious tapas style food or bbq outside every night if my husband was always in charge!”

3. Sporty Stuff
On snowy or cold days, it is my other half Lawrence that gets up and ready to take George to soccer practice. I like to think I’d do the same, but I am pleased that I don’t have to. Susan Mann’s husband even coaches the team so if he went on strike “they’d miss that a lot.”

4. Domestic Duties
Over and above the bins being put out, Dads can play a big role in domestic arrangements. Laura says, “he does all the ironing in the house – yes the ironing, so I would really miss that if he went on strike!”

5. Bear Hugs
There is nothing that can beat a big Dad giving a little person a great big hug.

6. The Everyday Stuff
Ian Newbold, blogger of Single Parent Dad, says “every day feels like Father’s Day to me. And strike? My son would stop my pay!”



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