The Best Types of Strollers for Kids

There are many different strollers for kids. Here, find out more about the different types and decide which will best suit your family's needs.

Although they can walk, kids get tired, so won’t be able to do it by themselves all of the time. To save your arms the trouble of having to carry them every time they’ve had enough, you should take a look at some of the best strollers for kids so you can keep them (and yourself) happy. These require a combination of sturdiness, versatility and convenience, so learn about a few types of children’s strollers below:

Types Of Strollers for Kids

  • Convertible Strollers

    Convertible strollers are one of the best investments you can make since they grow with your child. Snap your child’s car seat into the stroller’s frame, and as they get older, use the regular seat to wheel them around. Storage is vital, so look for ample room to stash nappies, snacks and favourite toys. With storage space, naturally comes the need for a stroller to hold a lot of weight.

  • Lightweight Strollers
    This type of stroller is portable and easy to push. Look for one that folds flat to easily stash in your car boot, or find one with a carrying strap to be easily carried when your little one wants to walk for a while. The light frames are also easy to carry up and down stairs, so keep the weight in mind if you’re an apartment dweller.

  • All-Terrain Stroller

    Just because you have a toddler doesn’t mean you have to slow down. In all-terrain strollers you can tackle rocky trails or cobblestone streets! However, look for large wheels and a suspension system in these stroller for toddlers who’ll want a smooth ride.

  • Running Strollers

    Whether you’re a casual jogger or marathon runner, finding a stroller to let you exercise with your little one is a must. Similar to all-terrain models, large and durable wheels are necessary here. However, the best jogging strollers are also lightweight, easy to steer and have handlebars to adjust to your height — this is the key to a comfortable run.

How To Choose The Right Stroller For Your Child

Before you purchase any stroller, consider your lifestyle. Will your stroller be used mostly for errands, or do you need something you can take with you anywhere? Do you have a car, rely on public transportation or fly frequently? Pick a few features that are important to you (like weight, portability or durability) and stick to those specs as you shop.

Also keep in mind that toddlers grow quickly, so be sure the seat will be tall enough for head clearance. From the back of the seat to the top of the canopy should measure at least 24 inches — 26 or 27 inches would be perfect. Also, if you’re looking to take your toddler off pavement, look for air-filled tires or at minimum, tires measuring at least five inches in diameter so the wheels don’t get caught up in any bumps.


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