Buying Gifts For Twins: What’s The Protocol?

What's the birthday present protocol when it comes to twins' birthday parties? Here's everything you need to know about buying gifts for twins.

If your child has been invited to a twins’ birthday party, you may find yourself wondering what the protocol is with regards to buying gifts for twins. Do you buy one thing for them to share, two of the same, or two different things? Do you split your normal birthday party cost between the two or do you fork out double? You don’t want offend or upset the host family, and you definitely don’t want your presents to be the source of squabbling.
To answer your questions, here is some advice for what to do when buying gifts for twins:

Your Child Is Only Friends With One Twin. Do You Still Buy Gifts for Both?
Twins tend to be fiercely competitive with one another, so if one ends up with more birthday presents at a joint party, this can be really upsetting. As with any other child’s birthday party, the etiquette is to buy a present for the host – in this instance there are just two! However, this doesn’t mean you need to double your birthday budget — scaling down on what you buy is completely appropriate. Give card games, like Uno, or craft supplies, for example.
An alternative way to give gifts for twins is to combine the money you’d spend on two individual gifts to purchase one larger gift that they can share, such as a video game or a board game compilation. Buying a joint gifts for twins is often a good solutions for parents, as this means less clutter around the house – plus twins are used to sharing
However, remember that you shouldn’t feel like you need to spend a fortune on presents just so your child can attend a birthday party. It’s more important to the parents that you’re simply there to celebrate.

Should You Buy Each Twin a Different Gift?
If you’re going to buy two gifts, buying individualised gifts that fit each twin’s personality is the best way to go – whether they’re identical or fraternal. Even though you might think getting the same gifts for twins is a smart idea (it would stop twins comparing and squabbling over their presents) it’s actually better not to.
It’s rare for twins to play with the same toy at the same time; so, if there is two of everything, this tends to just lead to unnecessary clutter. Furthermore, bringing identical gifts for twins, doesn’t help them form their own individuality – a vital part of twin development. Teaching twins early in life that life isn’t always going to be equal or fair is important.

What Are Some Good Gift Ideas for Twins?
Just like with all birthday gift ideas, consider the age of the twins when choosing their gifts. For younger children, who are more conscious of getting gifts that are equal, buying gifts that are similar or complementary might be a good choice. Look for gifts that speak to each twin’s individual tastes but are seemingly similar. For example, you can get them both a new shirt, but in different designs that reflect their interests or favourite colours. Another gift idea is books or construction toys geared to each of them.
For older children items that are different are key. If you don’t know what to get as gifts for twins or multiples, get them gift cards so they can shop for their own gifts. This is especially helpful if your child only knows one of the birthday children well, as it eliminates the guesswork in shopping for gifts for the other twin. Look for gift cards geared to their interests — a cinema card for one twin and a pottery-painting gift card for the other.

If you are stuck on what’s appropriate or have any specific questions, it won’t hurt to give the parents a call. They’re probably used to questions!


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