Father’s Day Cards For Children To Make

Be inspired by these homemade Father's day card ideas! They're a perfect way for craft-loving children to tell their dads they love

A homemade father’s day card or gift for Dad goes a long way. Fill an afternoon with creativity, and maybe even a few giggles, as you and your children construct homemade wishes for Dad’s big day.

Share these creative ideas with your nanny or babysitter, so they can make them with your children in the days leading up to Father’s Day.

  • Superhero Dad Card
    This father’s day card is simple idea, yet it is guaranteed to make Dad smile. All it requires is some colouring in and a photo of Dad!
  • ‘Son-Flower’ Card
    This father’s day card is a great idea for new dads! Simply stick a photo in the middle of the paper flower.
  • Hand Print Card
    Children can use their hands to make this adorable card. Add googly eyes, felt, and ribbons to make it look even more special.
  • I Love You ‘This’ Much Card
    This one might be a little bit tricky for young kids. Be sure to help them with the tracing and cutting of their handprints.
  • Footprint Heart Card
    Although this was originally a Valentine idea, we think it’s perfect for little feet. We are sure that Dad love this homemade token.
  • Dad Photo Frame
    Make a cute and creative photo frame for Dad and write a special message on the back. This is definitely a father’s day card to keep!


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