10 Top Tips For Flying With a Baby

Flying with a baby doesn't need to be as stressful as it sounds. The key lies in preparation. Follow our 10 tips to make your baby's first flight easier!

Are you worried about your baby’s first plane ride? Whether you’re visiting relatives or taking the vacation of a lifetime, planning ahead is the key when flying with a baby.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your big trip:


  1. Check in With Your Baby’s Paediatrician Beforehand

    Before you plan a trip, you should check in with your baby’s paediatrician to make sure that your little one is healthy enough to fly. You should also take this time to refill any and all prescriptions. While you’re there, you can even ask if they have a handout about flying with a baby.

  2. Book a Window Seat

    You and your little one will enjoy the sights out the window. And, more importantly, you can control the level of light on your napping baby’s face by closing the window shutter.

  3. Bring All the Essentials

    You should always bring a dummy, a favourite toy, a blanket and food.

  4. Pack Double What You Think You’ll Need

    Make sure you have enough nappies, food, formula, snacks and changes of clothes to last double your travel time in case of delays. To make sure you have everything that you need, you should check your luggage and use an extra duffle bag for your baby’s stuff. If your little one is travelling as a lap baby, you can check their car seat as luggage, too.

  5. Bring a Change of Clothes for Yourself

    Babies are unpredictable. Your bundle of joy might get sick or have an accident during the flight, and your outfit might be tarnished in the process.

  6. Nurse or Use a Dummy During Takeoff and Landing

    You should nurse or feed your baby a bottle when the plane takes off and lands. If it’s not feeding time, the dummy is really important during takeoff and landing. Just as chewing gum helps your ears pop during a flight, sucking on a dummy will help your little one with the pressure change that accompanies takeoff and landing.

  7. Use a Baby Carrier in the Airport

    Something that is really helpful is to bring a chest carrier to walk around the airport. It helps you have your hands free and your baby close, and you don’t have to check anything or worry about extra luggage.

  8. Check Your Umbrella Pushchair At The Gate

    An umbrella pushchair is great for the airport. To make things easier for yourself, you can gate check your pushchair. That way, it will be waiting for you when you step off the plane.

  9. Plan Around Your Baby’s Sleep and Feeding Schedules

    Whenever possible, you should time your flight with your baby’s nap time in mind, and keep sleep and feeding schedules the same as at home. Running to catch your connecting flight with a hungry, cranky baby is no fun.

  10. Pack Books and Toys in Your Carry-on Bag

    A bored baby is a cranky baby. Flying with a baby therefore means bringing along some of their favourite books and toys. It’s easier to pull out all the stops when needed with a few extra props.


There’s typically little to no help available for parents flying with a baby. Therefore: plan, plan, plan!



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