Easter Games

Fun Easter Games for Kids

Creative Easter games for children over the holidays

While there is no doubt that the Sunday Easter Egg Hunt is the main event, there are plenty of other exciting Eastermgames that your children can play while counting down to the big day. Here are 5 games to keep the whole family entertained over Easter weekend:

1. Egg on the sugar mountain  

Pour sugar into a pile on a plate to create a small mountain and place a boiled egg on top. Each player takes a turn removing a small portion of sugar with a teaspoon. The player who makes the egg roll off the mountain is eliminated. Next, put the egg back on top of the remaining pile and the rest of the players continue with one player being eliminated each time it falls. The winner is the person who has not let the egg move.  

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2. Egg-nose rally  

For this exciting race you will need to set a track that is about seven metres long. The aim of this Easter game is to roll an egg along the ground with your nose to the finish line. If you don’t have enough space for all the contestants to start at the same time, use a stopwatch to time each contestant individually. The person with the fastest time is the winner. If the competition takes place indoors you should cook the egg first. 

3. Easter treasure hunt  

If your kids just can’t wait for the big Sunday Easter egg hunt, you can always treat them with a smaller warm-up version. Create a treasure map and leave prizes dotted around your home and garden. These don’t have to be chocolate prizes – anything Easter related will do. You can also set up a few stations where the children have to complete small tasks which will give them the clue to the next piece of treasure.  

4. Easter painter 

For this game you only need a few pens, paper and a stopwatch. Think of Easter-related words, such as bunny, chick, lamb, daffodils, egg, spring, bee, ladybird, butterfly and so on. Divide all the contestants into two teams. Set the stopwatch to two minutes. The first player picks out a word and has to draw it out while members of their team have to guess what it is they are painting. This goes on until the two minutes elapse. After that, it is the opposing team’s turn. The team with the most correct answers win.

5. Egg and spoon race  

Set a race track and divide the contestants into two teams. Players must haul a raw egg on a spoon safely and, above all, quickly across the finish line of a designated race track. Once there, the children have to hand over the egg with the spoon to another team member, just like a relay race. The first team to have all the runners finish are the winners. Tip: A hard-boiled egg will save you a big mess in case of an accident.  

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