How to Tell If Your Child Dislikes the Nanny

Are you worried the chemistry isn't right and your child hates the nanny? Here are 5 signs to look for if you think your child dislikes the nanny.

Knowing whether your child likes the nanny can be difficult, especially if your child isn’t yet able to verbalize it. Nannies can be a source of support and nurturing care for children, so it is important that your child feels happy in their company.
Always remember to keep communication open, as this can help ensure your family has a good relationship with the nanny. If you feel your child may not like the nanny, however, look out for these five signs.

1. Noticeable Changes in Behaviour
If your child is normally happy, but suddenly seems withdrawn, then something’s not right. Watch for any changes in your child’s normal behaviour. Is your child suddenly throwing temper tantrums or do they seem quieter than usual? These might be indications they’re unhappy with her nanny, and you should take her complaints seriously.

2. They Don’t Want You to Leave
While it’s natural for children to prefer to be with their parents, you should take notice of any strong signs your child doesn’t want to be alone with the nanny. Your child might be trying to tell you they dislike the nanny by hiding when the nanny arrives, pretends to be sick as a ploy to get you to stay home or can’t wait to see the nanny leave.

3. Your Child Undermines the Nanny’s Authority
If your child refuses to help the nanny clean up toys or won’t listen to the nanny’s instructions, it could be a sign your child doesn’t respect the nanny’s authority — and possibly dislikes the nanny. If that’s the case, it’s possible your child thinks the nanny is too strict. As a solution, consider reviewing the family’s rules with the nanny and agree on acceptable tasks for your child to complete. In addition, remind your child to respect the nanny and to follow their directions.

4. Your Child Complains
Older children can bluntly tell you if they don’t like the nanny, so talk to them and determine what exactly they mean. Older children tend to be set in their ways and they might say they don’t like a nanny, but it could mean they just don’t like that the new nanny has a different way of doing things.

5. A Bond Does Not Develop
The first few weeks with a new nanny can be hard for kids. It takes time to establish the nanny-child bond, and all sides — you, your child and the nanny — must give the relationship time as you adjust to the new dynamic. However, if your child still isn’t comfortable with the nanny after a month or two, it might be a sign your child truly dislikes them and it might be time to explore other options.


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