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Night Nannies: What Are They and Should I Have One?

Have you been hearing the term 'night nannies' a lot lately? Find out what they are and if they are right for you.

As the conversation surrounding night nannies becomes more and more frequent among new parents, you may find yourself asking, ‘what are night nannies and should I have one?’ 

Here is a quick look at overnight childcare so you can decide if this is something that you need.

What are night nannies?  

Night nannies come to your house in the evening and spend the night looking after your newborn, baby, or toddler. They take care of the middle-of-the-night tasks such as feeding, changing nappies and soothing your child when they wake up. This gives exhausted parents some essential downtime, so they can catch up on sleep and be at their best the following day.


A young girl falls asleep as her night nanny covers her with a duvet


As wonderful as this may sound, night nannies are not for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to consider when contemplating hiring a night nanny.


  • Night nannies are professionals who should have tried and tested methods to teach your baby to sleep.
  • No more midnight “it’s your turn” arguments between you and your partner when you hear the baby start to cry.
  • You get a full night of uninterrupted sleep, while knowing your baby is in safe and experienced hands.


  • They are expensive. Nighttime care can cost anywhere from $15 to $40 an hour depending on experience.
  • Not everyone is comfortable having someone else in their home at night. New parents need to have absolute trust in the person they hire.

What should I look for in a night nanny?

If you are hiring a night nanny to look after a newborn, you need to be sure that they have at least three years of newborn-care experience. This is different from someone who is used to looking after toddlers.

Before hiring a night nanny, ask them questions about how they manage certain night-time situations. What are their tricks for getting a baby back to sleep? What would they do if the baby’s brothers and sisters wake up during the night? This kind of thing.

Make sure your night nanny has all the relevant safety qualifications, such as infant first aid, CPR, training in bathing techniques, burns and fire rescue. Be sure to check their references from previous families.

Finding someone to mind your child isn’t always easy and it can be pricey. But if night-time care is something that you need, it can also be a life-saver.

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