Our Royal Baby Naming Guide

Kate Middleton is past her due-date now and we’re all eagerly waiting to hear whether it’s a to-be King or Queen!

Kate Middleton is past her due-date now and we’re all eagerly waiting to hear whether it’s a to-be King or Queen! Yet with the recent trend of imaginative, sometimes witty and other times absurd, celebrity baby names, we’re also excited to hear what Wills and Kate choose to name their little one.

Betting on the new name is a popular sport right now. While the odds currently favor traditional names like Victoria for a girl and George for a boy, we thought we would liven things up a bit.

Here are 8 royal baby name suggestions, inspired by our favorite celebrities:


1. Anglesey
 Inspired by: Victoria and David Beckham
Since Posh and Becks named their son Brooklyn, after where he was conceived, here’s our guess at where the future royal became a zygote: Anglesey, where William is stationed. Second choice for a baby name: Kensington, after the couple’s London home of Kensington Palace.

2. Meridian
 Inspired by: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
The Kimye couple recently named their new addition North West. Jumping on the directional baby name bandwagon, Meridian (Greenwich Meridian anyone?) would be a very unique baby name.

3. Cox’s Orange Pippin 
Inspired by: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin
After Gwyneth and Chris chose Apple for their daughter’s name, we feel the need to match their fruit with a delicious English variety.

4. Tudor Rose
 Inspired by: Beyoncé and Jay-Z Carter
With England’s national flower in mind, Beyoncé and Jay-Z (parents of Blue Ivy) would love a floral name that’s perfect for a royal princess.

5. Queen-in-Waiting
 Inspired by: Katie Price
UK Celeb Katie Price crowned her own daughter with the name Princess, so we have to give the royal baby an even higher noble title.

6. Glanmor 
Inspired by: Jude Law
Jude Law chose a traditional Irish name for his son Rafferty, so here’s our favorite Welsh name perfect for a royal baby boy. It means “great” and “clean”. A bit like the royal bottom at nappy change?

7. Eleanor Louise Mary Augusta 
Inspired by: the Royal Family
Unfortunately, the Duchess and Duke probably won’t buck tradition with a unique and crazy name. But most royals get a string of four names, and when you put them together they can sound a little … Victorian.

8. Searchnrescue Inspired by: Kate Winslet’s free-spirited husband, who changed his surname from Smith to Rocknroll


What about a name that’s a little more fun? Maybe something inspired by William’s career as a search-and-rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force.



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