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Putting Children’s Wardrobes on Fall Mode

What to do with cleared out items

Fall is the perfect season to clear out clothing items that are no longer in good condition or that don't fit anymore. But where should all these clothes go?

wardrobes on fall mode

As fall sets in, the summer dresses and t-shirts must make way in the children’s wardrobes for the bulky jumpers and woolly tights. To keep everything orderly and to stop the cabinets from overflowing, clear out items that are no longer in good condition or that don’t fit anymore.

As children grow quickly, their clothes can oftentimes only be used for a few months before they become too tight or too short. For babies and toddlers, it only takes a few weeks before garments no longer fit and become unusable. But where should all these clothes go?

Wardrobes on fall mode

1. Swap clothes for clothes 

Do you have a mountain of t-shirts, jumpers and pants that your child has grown out of? Do you desperately need more clothes that actually fit your child? Then simply swap clothes for clothes. On portals such as eBay, you will find ads from like-minded people who are interested in an exchange. It’s a great way to get the most use out of these clothes as possible and save a lot of money.

2. Resell them

If you want to get rid of clothes while making a few pounds you can try a second-hand platform, specifically one that sells children’s products. There are a number of online platforms that cater to this. There are even Facebook groups that allow you to get in touch with other parents and get rid of children’s clothing. If that seems too time-consuming, you can register at a local flea market or bring the clothes to a second-hand shop where the employees will take care of the sale of your goods and give you a percentage of the profits.

3. Give away or donate

Are there any expectant parents in your circle of friends that will need children’s clothes? They will surely be pleased to receive baby clothes and help keep their financial burden to a minimum. Another option is to donate the used clothes to charity shops or centers.

4. Recycling containers

Check out local recycling facilities to see where accepts clothes. Alternatively, many retail stores have recycling bins where you can bring your old clothes and receive a discount voucher for your next in-store purchase. Shops such as H&M and & Other Stories offer this service.

What are your tips for making the most out of old clothes?

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wardrobes on fall mode

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