12 Original Mother's Day Gifts

12 Original Mother’s Day Gifts

Bored of the usual flower bouquet, card & candy combo? Give your mother something unexpected this Mother’s Day with these creative gift ideas.

Bored of the usual flower bouquet, card and candy combo? Give your mom, grandma or other mother-figure in your life something slightly unexpected this Mother’s Day with these creative gift ideas.
Some of them are store-bought, others are homemade but all will shower her with love.
Moms, like something on this list? Share it with your family with a strong hint. These ideas would also be great activities for your child care to do with kids.

1. Paper Flower Bouquet
Rather than pay for a pricey bouquet, kids can craft an easy, colorful spray of paper blossoms. Gather paper, markers, pencils, scissors and glue. Trace a flower onto construction paper, and then cut out the image (stick to simple outlines, like daisies and tulips). Decorate the flowers with markers and glitter. Glue each flower onto an unsharpened, sparkly pencil “stem” and arrange the bouquet in a pretty pencil cup or a decorative vase.

2. Miniature Photo Album
Condense photos of Mom with the family into a portable picture book. MyPublisher.com is one of many sites that offer inexpensive templates where you can customize books the size of a credit card. Involve tech-savvy kids in the project by having them upload images to produce miniature memories that will last Mom a lifetime.

3. An Extra Set of Hands
What chore(s) does your Mom hate to do? Take it off her hands for a week, a month or even a whole year. Do it yourself, rotate it among family members or hire a housekeeper to handle it.

4. Mother’s Day Memory Hunt
Make the day about more than just gifts — think up creative activities too. Children will love coming up with clues for a scavenger hunt in your home or yard. Devise a list of clues for Mom, then hide corresponding (inexpensive) mementos around the house for her to find. A clue might be: “Mom drinks her coffee from this every morning.” Hidden in the kitchen will be Mom’s favorite mug, with the next clue. The last clue of the scavenger hunt could be her actual gift.

5. A Personalized Music Video
Put togethera playlist filled with mom-themed tunes, like “The Perfect Fan,” by the Backstreet Boys or “Mama liked the Roses,” by Elvis Presley. To really personalize this musical present, pick one of Mom’s favorite songs and record the whole family singing it. Mom will love listening to everyone belting out her favourite ballad. (If you have young children, choose a short song with child-appropriate lyrics.)

6. A Handwritten Letter
A real letter on real paper is truly out of the ordinary these days. Splurge on beautiful paper and tell Mom everything you love about her. Younger kids can dictate what they love about Mom, then sign their name at the bottom. Surprise her even more by sending it in the mail! Tuck children’s artwork inside the envelope, too.

7. Get a (Temporarily) Tattoo
Henna tattoos are a beautiful way to celebrate this special day. Plus, they’re pain-free and only last a week or two. New mothers in certain communities around the world are covered with specific henna patterns in order to bring health and good luck to mother and child.

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8. Personalized Book List
Mom probably has a long list of books she’d like to read. Pick up some of her must-reads and wrap them in a big bow. If Mom uses an e-reader, upload her wish list when she’s not looking. Not sure what she wants to read? See if she has an account on Goodreads or get ideas from Amazon’s list of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime.

9. Shake It Up
Sign Mom up for a dance class, but choose a style that’s off her radar — belly dancing, anyone? Better yet, take the class with her!

10. Twisted Tea Set
Rather than taking your loved one out for the usual fancy, overpriced afternoon brunch, scour local garage sales and antique stores to put together a mismatched tea set. Then, enjoy tea and scones at home.

11. Picnic in the Park
Take pleasure in the beauty of springtime with the whole family. Pack Mom’s favorite lunch and head outdoors. You could even bring the new tea set!

12. Privacy, Please
Give Mom the whole day to do whatever is on her list. If she wants to lounge in bed, fluff her pillow or go to the spa. Return to a refreshed mama ready to take on the world once again.



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