5 Gift Ideas for Nannies

It's always good to show your nanny how much you appreciate the work they do. Here are our top five gift ideas for nannies!

Extra Paid Time Off
Do you often see your nanny looking a little exhausted at the end of the day? Why not treat her to some extra paid time off. It doesn’t have to be extensive, perhaps 3 afternoons. This is a wonderful gesture that gives her an opportunity to take some time out for herself. She might not do anything crazy with it, she may catch up with her laundry, or spend the afternoon lounging in a comfortable coffee shop. It doesn’t really matter, but she’ll love the fact you’ve recognised how hard she works, and how deserving she is of some time to herself.

Small Handbag
Lugging around a shoulder bag whilst chasing the children around the park is no mean feat. Help her out by purchasing her a small cross shoulder bag. But make sure practicality isn’t the only consideration here, think about her personal style and her current wardrobe. This simple, classic design from Fossil is a cute addition to her collection and isn’t likely to ever go out of style.

Bedroom Makeover
If you have a live-in nanny take a moment to consider how often you redecorate that room. Because it’s not a space you spend much time in it becomes easy to let the upkeep slip. But remember, this is likely to be the only personal space your nanny has, so try to keep it as nice as possible for her, after all she does an amazing job with your children! Let her have some input on the colours/designs she likes. We’re not suggesting a complete overhaul, you may not have the time or money, but next time you pass her bedroom, ask yourself whether that’s a room you’d like to have as your own.

Whilst there may need to be some discussion about use when your nanny is at work – it’s motivating and essential for your children to see adults reading for pleasure. If your nanny loves to read then an e-reader such as the Kindle is a fabulous addition to her tech, 1000’s of options at the click of a button. Small and lightweight, the e-reader can travel with her, so whether she’s travelling back to see her own family, or waiting for your little ones to finish football training or swimming, entertainment will never be too far.

An Unforgettable Day
Want to give an experience rather than a material present? Look at one of the many “experience” websites — they have hundreds of gift ideas from skydiving to spa days and cupcake decorating to wine tasting. It would be impossible not to find an amazing experience here, the memories of which your nanny would treasure forever.

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