8 Important Things You Can Do in 2015

To be a happy & emotionally healthy mom make a list of 2015 resolutions & allow yourself to enjoy the rewards without feeling burnt out.

For many busy moms the hardest thing is not taking care of their child, but taking care of themselves. When you have someone that precious depend on you for food, sleep, love and staying clean it’s very easy to become all-consumed with responding to their every need. ‘You time’ can become scarce which can quickly lead to burn out.
To be a happy and emotionally healthy mom, make a list of 2015 resolutions and allow yourself some self-care. Here’s our list of steps you can take – choose your own mom goal – or add to it. Whether you’re caring for elderly parents or for children, it’s important to make self-care a priority for you in 2015.

1. Plan Ahead
When you feel on top of things, you’re happier and healthier and successful time management starts with good planning. To save time so that you can focus on your most important priorities, do things like frozen meals, hire a housekeeper and ask friends and family for more free help.

2. Take ‘Timeout’ Everyday For You
Schedule a break at least once a day with your partner, nanny or babysitter taking care of your child. Read a book, go for a run, walk, arrange to have coffee with friends, take a class, go shopping, catch up on gossip, or take a nap. Anything you do for yourself will recharge you.

3. Learn Easy Relaxation Techniques
Take a class in meditation or buy a DVD to guide you through relaxation exercises. Taking a few long deep breaths, dropping your shoulders and relaxing your face muscles as you breathe out, can help you pause and find new energy in tough times.

4. Don’t Skimp on Sleep
On busy days, it can be easy to convince yourself that you just need to fit in one more task and you’ll catch up on sleep on the weekend or the following day. But for me this never happens! When faced with a choice between finishing a work project, doing housework, watching TV, emailing – and getting enough sleep – always choose sleep.

5. Plan Regular Dates
Arrange a regular sleepover for the kids with their grandparents, relatives or friends, so that you can spend uninterrupted time with your partner. For weekends, you can swap sleepover duty with friends and relatives.

6. Prioritize Time With Friends
It’s easy to de-prioritize time with friends over spending time with your kids or your partner. But friends are important for your health and wellbeing. Schedule a regular kids-free catch-up. It’s important to share your feelings, frustrations, wins and losses with people who can give you advice and make you feel less alone. Or, try joining a new parents group to meet new people with kids the same age as yours.

7. Start a Journal
There can be nothing as fulfilling as spending time writing down the happy moments from your day, or showing gratitude by writing a short thank you card for the most important people in your life who support and help you.

8. Give Yourself a Gift
Whether it’s something as small as a coffee at your favourite café, a bunch of fresh flowers, your favourite magazine, or a bigger purchase you’ve been saving for – make sure you reward yourself often with small pleasures. You deserve to be treated.

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