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Christmas Craft Ideas That Make the Perfect Presents

These easy Christmas craft ideas will make the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Trying to find the perfect gift can seem like an impossible task for many. And when you add in secret Santa presents and gifts for teachers – well, the job can be seriously overwhelming!

As nothing beats a gift from the heart, why not get creative and give presents that you can make yourself. Here is a list of easy Christmas craft ideas that make perfect gifts!

1. Chalkboard coasters 

Paint tile coasters with chalkboard paint. Then tie sets of four with a ribbon. Include card envelope with a nice message and chalk for the teacher in your life.

2. Knit or crochet scarves  

Teaching your little ones to knit or do basic crochet is a great art form to learn. Help them create a small scarf for someone as a gift. They will feel proud of their creation and these are always a big hit during the holidays.

Four young children holding Christmas presents and wearing Santa hats

3. Bottle bags  

Stamp burlap bottle bags with a lettering stamp or paint with Christmas coloured fabric paint. You can then give a bottle of wine to a special family friend that was specially designed for them.

4. Paint-dip wooden spoons  

Take wooden spoons and dip the ends in paint to create decorative handles. Wrap in a oven mitt with a bow for a precious gift to the culinary artist in your family. These are always adorable and big hits.

5. Brownies or Cookies in a jar  

These look awesome, taste awesome and are simple to create. Get your kids to help you collect all the ingredients from a brownie or cookie recipe and then sift them into a mason jar one at a time in the right quantity. Tie a bow or ribbon on the mason jar when complete and let your children decorate the holiday gift tag. Include all the instructions such as the correct time and temperature to cook the treat.


Making gifts is simple when you choose easy Christmas craft ideas. Using some of the ideas on this list will help you create wonderful gifts that are sure to make your friends and family smile.


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