Easy DIY Halloween Ideas: Fairy Princess

Every girl loves tutus and dreams about being a princess. Indulge in her fantasy and make her dreams come true using these 4 easy steps.


  • Large pink cardboard
  • Stapler
  • Clear shipping tape
  • Silver glitter (optional);
  • Pink feather boa about 1 foot long
  • Pink tulle about 2 feet long
  • Safety pins
  • Pink party dress
  • Pink tights
  • Glamour shoes
  • Fake diamond necklace, bracelet and rings
  • Makeup (optional).

Step 1: Make princess hat by cutting a semi-circle out of cardboard. Fold semi-circle into a cone shape to fit on child’s head. Staple bottom of cone to hold seam. Tape to secure seam. Drizzle glue on hat and shake glitter over glue designs. Pour off excess glitter. Let dry. Glue pink feather boa around the bottom edge of cone. Tie a knot at one end of the tulle. Gently feed tulle through the inside top of the cone, so tulle comes out as a veil in the back and is secured by the knot inside cone.
Step 2: Put on pink party dress, tights and shoes. Wrap skirt in tulle and pin on with safety pins.
Step 3. Add jewelry and princess makeup.
Step 4: Top with beautiful fairy tale princess hat and make a wish!



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