Easy DIY Halloween Ideas: Kate Middleton

There is so much buzz around the royal couple, turn your little princess into one she can really relate to.


  • White blouse
  • Blue prep-school style blazer
  • Blue skinny jeans
  • Ballet flats or black boots, preferably suede
  • Headband or barrette
  • Fake pearls
  • Small piece of veil
  • Long and short feathers and satin ribbon for fascinator hat
  • Glue
  • Light colored makeup in soft pink and blue shades.

Step 1: Make fascinator hat. Glue small piece of veil onto 10 o’clock position of headband or onto barrette. Let dry. Glue feathers. Let dry. Tie satin ribbon into multi-looped bows and tie to headband or barrette. The more dramatic the better!
Step 2: Put on outfit: white blouse, prep-school style blazer, skinny jeans pearls and ballet flats or boots. Don’t tuck in the blouse.
Step 3: Apply makeup that’s subtle, but effective: soft pink cheeks, soft pink lipstick and soft blue eyes.
Step 4: Brush hair long and flowing or tucked into a neat, but loose, low bun. Add fascinator, so feathers and bows are slightly askew on left side of head.





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