Easy DIY Halloween Ideas: Orange Juice Box

A cheap Halloween costume that you can make out of things you already have.


  • Large rectangular cardboard box that fits child
  • Plate
  • Pencil
  • Orange and white duct tape
  • Green and orange poster paint
  • Wide paint brush or roller
  • Two paper towel rolls
  • Scissors
  • Orange leggings
  • Orange long sleeve shirt

Step 1: Cut bottom flaps off box. Use plate to make circles for arms (on sides of box) and head (top of box with flaps). Cut out holes. Secure top of box around hole for head with orange tape.
Step 2: Paint entire box orange with orange poster paint. Let dry. Paint the word JUICE in big bold letters diagonally across the front of the box with green poster paint.
Step 3: Tape two paper towel rolls together with white tape. Wrap entire tube in white tape to make straw. Tape to top of juice box (touch up with orange tape, as needed) off to the side, near the hole for head.
Step 4: Put on orange leggings and shirt and lower juice box over head.



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