Easy DIY Halloween Ideas: Stegosaurus

All kids love dinosaurs, what a better way to bring them to live then wrap them in spikes and send them off to stomp around the neighborhood.


  • Green or black opaque tights
  • Green hoodie sweatshirt
  • Green sweatpants
  • Yard of thick elastic band
  • Red or orange dessert plates
  • Red or orange felt
  • Green knit gloves
  • Hot glue
  • Stuffing
  • Face paint (optional)

Step 1: Cut 10 small triangles out of orange felt and attach to the fingers of the gloves using hot glue. Cut small triangle out of the white felt and attach along the rim of the sweatshirt’s hood using hot glue.
Step 2: Take plates in pairs of two and glue them together back-to-back. Fold the bottom edge of both plates outward to create a base and attach the plates along the spine of the hoodie sweatshirt using hot glue. Continue until there is a full line of plates down the spine of the sweatshirt.
Step 3: Cut one leg off of tights leaving a little extra material to tie off. Stuff stuffing down tights until completely firm. Use elastic band to tie the end closed leaving enough elastic to tie around child’s waist. Following the same steps from step 2, make tail plates and attach along the top of the tail using hot glue. Cut triangles out of the plates to make spikes for the end of the tail.
Step 4: Dress child in sweatpants and hoodie sweatshirt. Tie the extra tail elastic around the child’s waist and tuck under the sweatshirt. Add the gloves and you’ve got a fierce candyvore!



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