Easy DIY Halloween Ideas: Wreck-It Ralph

Dress your kid as the heartwarming hero from one of the most enjoyable movies of last year with this fun and easy to make costume!


  • Green T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Oversized red T-shirt
  • Oversized brick red overalls (or similar color)
  • Extra miscellaneous clothes or pillows
  • Sneakers
  • Hair gel
  • Brown eye pencil for eyebrows.

Step 1: Put on green T-shirt. Trim sleeve ends of red T-shirt using scissors so they look frayed. Put on red T-shirt over green T-shirt and stuff top part of body with extra clothes or pillows.
Step 2: Put on overalls. Trim bottom of pants, so edges are frayed and come to ankle. Stuff extra clothes or padding into overall pants. Unhook one overall strap and allow the front of the overalls to hang forward. Put on sneakers.
Step 3: Gel hair so it sticks up in big spikes; about four spikes across the crown of the head. Draw in thick, bushy eyebrows using brown eye pencil.





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