Easy Halloween Costume for a Group: Wizard of Oz Characters

Take this classic movie on the road with your own Dorothy, Toto and the friends on the Yellow Brick Road.


  • Blue checkered “Dorothy” dress or blue jumper dress
  • White short sleeved shirt
  • Red glittered shoes or regular shoes (will need glue and red glitter)
  • White ankle socks
  • Two pieces of blue hair ribbon
  • Stuffed plush dog
  • Basket with arm handle

Step 1: If making shoes, cover shoes in glue and pour red glitter all over them (over a newspaper). Shake off excess glitter.
Step 2: Put on white shirt and blue dress.
Step 3: Part and comb hair into two low ponytails. Tie blue ribbon around each pony tail.
Step 4: Put on sock and shoes. Put dog in basket and drape basket over arm.


Tin Man:

  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Silver duct tape
  • Tin foil or silver poster paint
  • Red construction paper
  • Kitchen funnel
  • Gray sweat shirt
  • Gray sweat pants or leggings
  • Gray knit hat
  • Silver face makeup

Step 1: Wrap cardboard around child’s body to measure arm holes. Mark with pencil and cut out arm holes. Bend cardboard into a tube and staple ends in place, securing the seam with duct tape. Wrap cardboard in tin foil or cover in silver duct tape to create Tin Man’s body. Cut out a large heart from red construction paper and tape to chest of Tin Man’s body.
Step 2: Paint or wrap the kitchen funnel in tin foil and tape to gray knit hat using duct tape
Step 3: Paint face silver with face paint.
Step 4: Put on shirt, pants and Tin Man’s body, and top head with funnel hat.



  • Blue or plaid long sleeve shirt
  • Brown pants
  • Black sneakers
  • Yellow yarn or real straw from farm stand
  • Rope for belt
  • Red face makeup
  • Floppy pointed hat or straw hat
  • Hot glue

Step 1: Put on shirt, pants and sneakers.
Step 2: Tie rope around waist as belt.
Step 3: Cut long and short yarn strands. Tuck short strands into wrists and ankles to look like straw. Glue long strands to inside rim of hat using hot glue to create straw hair.
Step 4: Paint a red triangle on nose and put on hat.


Cowardly Lion:

  • Tan, furry yarn (Lion Brand Luxe Fur yarn is ideal)
  • Headband
  • Red bow
  • Long sleeve tan or mustard colored shirt
  • Tan pants
  • Brown and black face paint

Step 1: Cut long strands of yarn, wrap and tie around headband to create mane. Yarn “curls” should come to just below shoulder. Tie a red bow on top.
Step 2: Put on outfit shirt and pants.
Step 3: Create a lion face with black whiskers, brown nose, and brown eyebrows using face paint.
Step 4: Put on headband mane.



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