Easy Halloween Costume for an Infant: Deviled Egg

The first year of life is really the only time you’ll get to choose the Halloween costume. So why not have a little fun? Here’s your baby devil and egg, combined as one!


  • White onesie and white pants
  • Yellow fabric paint or yellow felt
  • Red hat or headband
  • Red construction paper to make devil horns
  • Red felt
  • Safety pin

Step 1: Lay out white onesie and paint a white egg with yellow yoke on front. Let dry.
Step 2: Make ears from red construction paper. Glue to headband or hat. Trace tail formation on red felt and cut out. Fringe bottom and use glue or safety pin to attach to the bottom of the onesie.
Step 3: Dress baby with the bottom of the onesie over the pants. Add headband or hat and your baby is both a devil and an egg!



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