Halloween Party Inspiration

If you’ve got zombies, witches, ghosts and ghouls heading to your Halloween party you’ll want to have the best games planned. Read our 13 suggestions!

If you’ve got zombies, witches, ghosts and ghouls heading to your Halloween party you’ll want to have the best games planned. We’ve thought outside the box with these 13 spooky, frightful – and fun! – Halloween party games.
It’s always worth having an extra pair of helping-hands when it comes to kids’ parties. Why not hire a babysitter for a couple of hours as an extra adult?

Halloween Treasure Hunt
Buy a thrift store dollhouse, decorate it in Halloween colors and call it a “Fairy House”.  Then hide it in the yard and fill it with treats. Make up clues to direct the children from place to place. Gather the kids and explain that the fairies have hidden treasure in the house — and hidden the house, too! Have them find the first clue and start the hunt; the final destination is the dollhouse and the treats.

Fishing for Prizes
Set up an area with a short curtain to hide a helper sitting behind it. Give each child a fishing rod made of a bamboo pole with a string and a clothespin. Have the children cast their lines and the hidden helper attach a Halloween-themed prize for each child to reel in.

Eyeball Quest
Here’s a Halloween twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt. Buy some plastic eyeballs from a party store and hide them. The child who finds the most wins a prize.

Beanbag Toss
Set up a target area, decorated like a haunted forest or spooky graveyard. Place targets that match the scene and use beanbags to hit the targets.

Pin the Tail on the Goblin
Have children draw a life-sized goblin creature, which an adult can attach to the wall. Blind-fold and spin each child in turn and have them attempt to pin a tail on the goblin’s body.

Hat’s Off
Ask each party goer to bring a hat as part of their costume. Set up an area for musical chairs and have the children place a hat on each chair. As the music stops and children find their seats, they continually change hats, winding up with silly variations of their costumes.

Halloween Charades
Choose spooky books or Halloween-themed movies and sayings for a scary round of charades.

Monster Slime
Make homemade slime by combining green mint or apple jelly with water. Add in gummy worms, raisins, candy corn or other unwrapped yummies. Have the children close their eyes and reach in to grab what the slime monster left behind and guess what it is.

Guess the Magic Number
Decorate and fill a jar with plastic eyeballs, candy corn or other fun objects. The child who comes closest to guessing the number of goodies inside wins the jar and its contents.

No Hands!
Have children run a relay race with an apple tucked under their chins. Hang apples or doughnuts from strings and see which child can finish first. Enjoy the slightly messier (and sweeter) no-hands, apple pie eating contest — Dads love competing in this one, too!

Have the children sit in a circle and whisper a nonsensical, spooky saying into the first child’s ear, such as, “Frankenstein eats bugs, but I prefer brains.” Have each child whisper the saying into the next child’s ear until the circle is complete, with the last child in the circle sharing the saying aloud.

Treat or Dare
Have the children write down a treat (get a candy) or a dare (howl like a werewolf) on a piece of paper shaped like a witch’s hat or pumpkin. Place all of the papers into a caldron. Have each child pick a paper and either get a treat or act out a dare.

Guess Who!
Supply each arriving adult with a ghost-like sheet with a hole cut out for their faces. Have children make adult-sized masks at the beginning of the party. Set out a wide variety of crafts, like feathers, glitter, child-safe scissors and at least one hole punch with string, to fasten the masks on with. Let the adults put on a mask they pull out of a bag in another room. Then children have to identify their grown-up.

Halloween is a joyful time for kids and for the people who love them!



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