Rekindling Romance

As a busy parent, romantic endeavors are usually off the agenda - here are our top ten tips to inspire cheap dates with your significant other.

As a busy parent, it’s easy to put romantic endeavors on the back burner. And when Valentine’s Day comes back around again, we find ourselves reminiscing over those pre-kids candlelit dinners, cosy weekend escapes and long lie-ins with your partner.
It’s important to remember that those dates were crucial for getting to know your partner. And with children on the scene it’s even more important to reconnect as a couple and share special moments – and give you something else to talk about other than the kids! Time and money need not be a barrier – book a regular babysitter, once or twice a month, and use this time to be together.
Here are our top tips to inspire cheap dates with your significant other:


    Visit your local bar: Agree to spend the first hour talking, without mentioning the children. A couple of drinks won’t break the bank, and you can share some grown-up conversation in peace.

    Go over to a friend’s house and cook dinner together: That way, the work is shared and you can catch up.

    Take a scenic drive: Particularly nice as the days grow longer, drive to a local beauty spot you haven’t seen in a while, or somewhere that you wouldn’t take the children to normally. Look at the city lights or the local scenery.

    Try stargazing: With so many guides available to help you spot the constellations in the sky at night, enjoy looking up at the Milky Way together.

    Eat a takeaway by candelight or as a picnic: No mess and no washing up to share afterwards!

    Attend a free event locally, such as a presentation, talk or concert: It will get you thinking and talking.

    Take advantage of offers to try out free sports or classes at your local gym: Reconnecting with your own health and fitness can be a powerful way to keep in tune with each other.

    Book a dance class!

    Walk hand in hand through your local neighborhood, or a place that holds special memories for you.



  1. Rekindling Romance
    danie Walters Murphy | Thursday,February 12.2015

    My fiancé and I have not gone on a date since our youngest was two months old he’s now 13 months old . I would love to have a grown up conversation in a tranquil atmosphere . your company is a huge deal and helps out in so many different ways

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