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  • The most common questions asked from Canadian employers about household payroll

    Anja Borngässer November 12, 2021 (0) Kommentar(e)
    The payroll piece can be very time-consuming and overwhelming. We highlight some of the most common questions.
  • Finding a New Year’s Eve Babysitter

    The Care.com Team December 10, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    With parties galore, a New Year’s Eve babysitter is often hard to come-by. Read our tips on finding a New Year’s Eve babysitter and enjoy that party!
  • 5 Things to Consider When a Family Member Is Your Nanny

    The Care.com Team November 12, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Here we share some handy tips for things to bear in mind when your family member is your nanny or babysitter.
  • Behavior Problems: Coordinating With Caregivers

    The Care.com Team October 23, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Here’s what to do when you and other caregivers aren’t on the same discipline page.
  • What Is the Difference Between a Babysitter and a Nanny?

    The Care.com Team September 4, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Learn the difference between babysitter and a nanny to best fit your care needs.
  • 7 Parent Types and the Nannies They Need

    The Care.com Team September 4, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    You might think you’re the world’s best parent — but which one of these parent types does your nanny think you are?
  • How to Interview a Nanny: Questions Checklist

    The Care.com Team August 27, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    A comprehensive list of questions when you interview a nanny, babysitter or caregiver.
  • How to Check a Nanny or Babysitter’s References

    The Care.com Team August 14, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    It’s important to find out as much as possible about the person you’re looking to hire. Here’s how to handle checking a babysitter’s references.
  • Interviewing Summer Childcare

    The Care.com Team July 12, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Six issues you should cover in your interviewing to help you to find the right summer childcare for you and your family.
  • Summer Sitter Preparation

    The Care.com Team July 7, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    With summer upon us, school-free kids need summer care. If you’re considering a summer sitter, we’ve put together tips on prepping for the summer fun ahead.
  • 5 Steps to Finding Summer Childcare

    The Care.com Team July 3, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    A guide to stress-free seasonal sitter hiring with our 5 Steps to Finding Summer Childcare.
  • How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes on Care.com

    The Care.com Team June 20, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Follow these tips for seekers and providers to avoid making mistakes on Care.com. And make the most of Care.com!
  • 5 Steps to Background Check Caregivers

    The Care.com Team June 16, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    One step in the hiring process should never be glossed over – background checks. We have put together 5 steps to background check caregivers
  • 12 Steps to Firing a Caregiver

    The Care.com Team June 11, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Terminating your caregivers’ contract will never be an easy thing – we’ve put together 12 steps to firing a caregiver responsibly.
  • How to Get the Best Applicants Interested in Your Job

    The Care.com Team May 10, 2019 (1) Kommentar(e)
    Follow these tips on finding a caregiver that is the perfect applicant for the role.
  • Your Step-By-Step Guide To Hiring A Nanny

    The Care.com Team May 8, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Here’s your 10 step, must-read guide to hiring a nanny. Making the process of hiring a nanny much easier!
  • Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Nanny

    The Care.com Team January 29, 2019 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Find out what nannies have to say: if you want to build and maintain a strong relationship with your nanny, what are the things you shouldn’t say?
  • How You Can Find a Job During the Holidays

    sophiemoran December 10, 2018 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Read these great tips to find out how you can help busy families while making some extra cash.
  • Conversations You Need to Have with Your Employer Before the Holidays

    sophiemoran December 3, 2018 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Get ahead of your holiday schedule and talk to your employer about their Christmas plans now.
  • 21 Reasons to Hire A Babysitter for The Festive Season

    Katrin Lewandowski November 20, 2018 (0) Kommentar(e)
    To enjoy the holidays, and to have time for everything on your list, hire a babysitter specifically for the holiday season.
  • Example Schedules for Vacation Childcare

    The Care.com Team May 6, 2017 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Bringing childcare with you on vacation can be an ideal way to both spend time with your kids and secure those important child-free moments.
  • Find the Best Nanny Faster

    The Care.com Team December 22, 2015 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Need a new nanny? Here are our top tips on how to find the best one for your children.
  • Setting Boundaries With Your Nanny

    The Care.com Team December 16, 2015 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Relationships between families and nannies are often complex. Here are some tips for how to set boundaries with your nanny and proceed in tricky situations.
  • Babysitter Responsibilities: What’s Realistic?

    The Care.com Team March 27, 2015 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Babysitter Responsibilities: What’s Realistic? With no hard and fast blueprint, it’s down to the family & sitter. Here’s some things to consider.
  • Reviewing Your Nanny’s Responsibilities

    The Care.com Team March 27, 2015 (0) Kommentar(e)
    If the time is right to review your caregiver’s role and responsibilities in the job, we’ve got some tips and advice for how to go about it.
  • 16 Tasks for Hired Help Around the House

    The Care.com Team June 18, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Here’s a list of 16 tasks for hired help around the house to tackle to make your life easier.
  • 10 Things Your Nanny May Keep From You

    The Care.com Team June 4, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    There are naturally some things your nanny may choose to keep stum rather than rock the boat. Here are 10 things your nanny may keep from you.
  • 5 Chores You Should Never Ask A Housekeeper To Do

    The Care.com Team April 30, 2014 (1) Kommentar(e)
    When you finally hire a housekeeper, there are certain tasks they should never do. We’ve identified 5 chores you should never ask a housekeeper to do.
  • 9 Childcare Hiring Tips for Divorced Parents

    The Care.com Team April 29, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    While hiring childcare can be a challenges as a divorced parent it can be complicated. We’ve provided 9 childcare hiring tips for divorced parents.
  • 101 Chores a Housekeeper Could Do

    The Care.com Team April 29, 2014 (1) Kommentar(e)
    Whether it’s de-cluttering the house or starting something new here are 101 chores a housekeeper could do.
  • 8 Steps to Starting a Nanny Camp

    The Care.com Team April 9, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Rather than going it alone this summer why not group together with other nannies to share activities and ideas. Here’s 8 steps to starting a nanny camp.
  • 10 Tips for Interviewing Nannies

    The Care.com Team April 4, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Give great interviews and find the right nanny for you and your family with our 10 tips for interviewing nannies.
  • Using Your Intuition When Hiring New Care

    The Care.com Team March 26, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    It’s important to use your intuition when hiring a new nanny. Here are five questions to ask yourself about your instincts when hiring a new nanny.
  • 5 Safety Checks for Hiring New Childcare

    The Care.com Team March 17, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Use these five safety checks when hiring new childcare to help you better understand which candidate is the best choice your family.
  • 5 Ways To Hire Better and Safer Care

    The Care.com Team March 11, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Caregivers are employees you trust with those most precious to you. We’ve put together a safety checklist to help in your hunt for a new caregiver.
  • 10 Nanny Interview Questions from Real Moms

    The Care.com Team March 11, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    We’ve gathered together some of the more creative ideas for nanny interview questions from the mom blogosphere to help you dig abit deeper to find a great nanny.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Nanny

    The Care.com Team February 25, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task and yet it doesn’t have to be. To help choose the right one we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts
  • How to Manage Paid Time Off for Nannies

    The Care.com Team December 10, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Nannies are entitled to get paid time off. Here are ways employers can manage paid time off for nannies.
  • The Last 5 Steps in Hiring a Babysitter

    The Care.com Team November 20, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Don’t forget these very important last 5 steps when you’re hiring a babysitter. Care.com experts tell you what you need to remember!
  • 9 Factors that May Impact Babysitter Pay Rates

    The Care.com Team November 11, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Trying to figure out the appropriate rate to pay your babysitter? Here are the factors you need to consider when calculating babysitter pay rates.
  • 7 Tips for Hiring Overnight Childcare

    The Care.com Team November 6, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Our must-read tips on hiring overnight childcare, whether you need a night nanny, newborn care specialist or baby nurse.
  • Hiring an After-School Sitter

    The Care.com Team August 14, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    What happens when no one can get home until five? An after-school sitter is probably your best bet! Find after-school sitters on Care.com today.
  • Drafting a Nanny Contract : A Helpful Guide

    The Care.com Team June 5, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    We all hate paperwork but having an official employment agreement with your nanny can protect both parties. View our sample nanny contract template.
  • 6 Tips for Writing a Babysitter Job Description

    The Care.com Team May 15, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Looking for the perfect babysitter to fit your family’s needs? Some tips on writing a more specific job description to attract the right person.
  • 6 Perks of Hiring a Summer Nanny

    The Care.com Team May 15, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    We all need a little help, and hiring a summertime nanny can greatly reduce the stress that comes with inevitable seasonal upheaval of our daily routines.
  • Deciding between a Nanny-Finding Website and a Nanny Agency

    The Care.com Team February 27, 2013 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Nanny-finding website or nanny agency? Learn which method of hiring a nanny fits your family.
  • How to Interview a Special Needs Caregiver

    The Care.com Team November 16, 2012 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Interview questions to ask when hiring a special needs caregiver to ensure that you and your family are providing the best possible care for your child.
  • How to Interview a Nanny: Phone Interviews

    The Care.com Team November 16, 2012 (0) Kommentar(e)
    A guide to interviewing nanny candidates by phone, including a list of questions to ask during a phone interview with a potential nanny.
  • How to Interview a Nanny: In-Person Interview

    The Care.com Team November 16, 2012 (0) Kommentar(e)
    A guide to in-person nanny interviews, including three main things to keep in mind when planning those interviews.
  • How to Interview a Nanny

    The Care.com Team October 16, 2012 (0) Kommentar(e)
    A guide to interviewing a nanny and how to screen candidates to find the best possible fit for your family.
  • Child Care Choices

    The Care.com Team October 10, 2012 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Are you returning to work after maternity leave? Here are the things parents should consider when choosing between day nurseries and nannies or babysitters.
  • How to Prepare for Your Caregiver’s First Day

    The Care.com Team October 9, 2012 (0) Kommentar(e)
    You’ve hired a new caregiver – congrats! Here are the things you’ll want to review with your nanny the first week.
  • 8 Ways to Have a Great Relationship with Your Nanny

    The Care.com Team October 9, 2012 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Here are some ways to build a strong relationship with your nanny or babysitter you use, so she feels cared for too.
  • 4 Step Guide to Hiring

    The Care.com Team May 24, 2012 (2) Kommentar(e)
    Are you looking to hire a nanny? Use these tools to narrow down candidates you believe may be a good and safe fit for your family.
  • Interview Tips When Hiring a Caregiver

    The Care.com Team May 24, 2012 (2) Kommentar(e)
    You’ve narrowed down your applicant and it’s time for those nanny interview questions. Here are some child care recruitment tips for interviewing a nanny.