16 Tasks for Hired Help Around the House

Here’s a list of 16 tasks for hired help around the house to tackle to make your life easier.

Whether its the relaxing feeling of a tidy living room or the comfort of an orderly bedroom, we all know the satisfaction of enjoying order where domestic chaos once existed.
Now just imagine you could feel that satisfaction every day of the week! No more dirty kitchens, dusty shelves or dysfunctional garages to contend with after a long, hard day.
If you find yourself day dreaming at the thought then finding help around the house could be easier than constantly pleading with your family to help keep your home clean and tidy. Here’s a list of 16 tasks for hired housekeeper to tackle to make your life easier.

1. Babysitting for Date Night
Bring the romance back into your life with an evening out (without the kids!). Pick one of these 101 Cheap Date Ideas and start making plans.

2. Cleaning the House
Keep your home looking neat, clean and fresh, without spending hours scrubbing the floors.

3. Walking the Dog
Let Fido release some of that energy mid-day with a long walk by hiring a dog walker.

4. Help With Homework
Do you spend hours badgering kids to do their homework every afternoon? Or do they need lots of assistance getting through their hardest subjects? From a tutor to an after-school babysitter, get someone who can do that for you. Learn more about on how to Get Help With the Homework Struggle.

5. Driving
Need a ride to the airport? Kids need a ride to after-school activities? Someone in your neighborhood can help.

6. Laundry
Buried under mounds of dirty clothes? Ask your extra set of hands to sort, wash and fold that mess away.

7. Food Shopping
Need to fill that pantry? Have someone else do the shopping this week.

8. Organizing the Pantry
Finally, everything in your pantry will have a place, label and use.

9. Prepping Meals
Rid yourself of the stress of dinner planning. Someone else can plan and/or prepare healthy easy meals for you.

10. Gardening
Are weeds overtaking your garden? Hire someone to clean it up or simply water your plants. That grass grows fast! Hire someone to trim your lawn every week, while you manage bigger yard projects.

11. House Sitting
Security systems can only catch so much. Have someone check on your house while you’re out, pick up your mail, water your flowers, etc.

12. Afternoon Babysitting
When was the last time you went shopping without the kids? Wasn’t it wonderfully stress-free? Hire a sitter for an hour or two and enjoy some alone time.

13. Early Morning Help
etting everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door on time is difficult. Find someone who can come to your house in the morning to help with the chaos and hustle everyone along.

14. Storage Organizing
Everyone has a spot in their home where they store all of the things they may need “one day”. Is it your basement, garage, attic, storage unit? Do you really need everything there? Hire someone to help go through the odds and ends, organize it and get rid of all the excess.

15. Assistance With a Garage Sale
Now that you’ve organized those areas, get rid of some of the things you found by planning a yard or garage sale. Hire someone to help set up and sell your unused items.

16. Help With Party Planning
This person can be a life-saver when it comes to your four-year-old’s birthday party. From writing out invitations to assembling goodie bags, you need help making sure no detail slips through the cracks.

Tell us about the things you need help with. What would you love to check off your list or how could your hectic day be better?



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