21 Reasons to Hire a Babysitter for the Festive Season

21 Reasons to Hire A Babysitter for The Festive Season

To enjoy the holidays, and to have time for everything on your list, hire a babysitter specifically for the holiday season.

This time of the year can feel overwhelming with a never-ending list of holiday must-dos, and not enough time to get everything done. One strategy to help you enjoy the holidays, and to have time for everything on your list, is to hire a babysitter specifically for the holiday season.

Here are a few reasons to hire extra help so that you and your family can enjoy the season:

1. Spend one-on-one time with each of your children.
2. Meet friends for an end-of-year catch up lunch or dinner.
3. Finish a home renovation project before the end of the year.
4. Take your older kids holiday shopping.
5. Schedule interruption-free workouts before the feasting begins.
6. Give your nanny, regular babysitter or parents some time off.
7. Make some time for end-of-year planning with your partner.
8. Make time to finish your personal or admin projects.
9. Decorate the house for the holidays.
10. Enjoy a well-earned spa day free of guilt, knowing your kids are having fun with the babysitter.
11. Give your kids a rest from you – babysitters can inject some new fun for all.
12. Enjoy an interruption-free celebratory dinner with your partner.
13. Take a timeout to catch up on current events or to read a novel.
14. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure before the holiday parties begin.
15. Shop for the perfect outfit for a holiday or New Year’s Eve party.
16. Enjoy kid-free time to prepare for a holiday party.
17. Get your Christmas shopping done in one day.
18. Attend a class and learn something new.
19. Get holiday grocery shopping done in half the time.
20. Get a head start on your new year’s resolutions, start training for that marathon you’ve always been wanting to run.
21. Make time to write your list to Santa.

What are some tasks that you need some extra help with this holiday season?


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