Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Nanny

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task and yet it doesn’t have to be. To help choose the right one we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts

Hiring your perfect nanny can feel like a daunting task, and yet it doesn’t have to be.  As a role model to your children, it’s important to hire a nanny who reinforces your family values.  “I was a live-in nanny with many families for almost 30 years,” says Nanny Robina, the resident nanny on The Mom Show on Slice TV, “and in my experience, you really become part of the family.”
Finding a nanny to do just that doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. To help you choose the right one for your family we’ve put together a list of important hiring do’s and don’ts – first the don’ts.


…Rush the Hiring Process
Give yourself the time you need to find the right match – take your time, give yourself a few tries, and eventually you’ll find the right nanny for you and your family.  Even if you need someone last-minute for backup care , make sure you check all the boxes, so you know you’re leaving your child in good hands.

…Hire A Nanny With a Different Parenting Approach
A similar outlook on parenting is a key factor when searching for someone who meshes well with your clan. A nanny that takes a different approach with different values, on the other hand, will only confuse your children and potentially cause tension at home.

…Have Preliminary Interviews at Home
Instead, head to a local coffee shop (or other public location) to meet candidates for the first time. This will ensure you have the opportunity of a quiet face to face conversation without any interference between just you and the nanny.

…Dismiss A Trial Run
After narrowing down your choices why not have your top two candidates spend a paid trial day with you and your child. Keep in mind your child may cling on to you when in the presence of a new person. But the nanny should be able to step in and show their prowess as a nurturing caregiver your children can trust and enjoy.


…Create An In-Depth Job Description
Sit down and write out a detailed description of the job, including all tasks and responsibilities. Will the nanny be required to do housekeeping? Will they need to drive your children to after-school programs? How many hours will they work? What are you able to pay them? Painting a detailed picture of your ideal nanny will make the experience more manageable.
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…Write a Questionnaire
This will guide you during interviews and allow you to compare applicants when narrowing down your selection. Establish a list of questions that applies to all applicants. You can then add specific questions that are tailored to a particular interviewee’s resume or an area in which you need more information. Keep questions open-ended to allow candidates to showcase their personality and demeanor.

…Request Reference and Background Checks
Make sure your remaining applicants meet your safety requirements. Run a background check and talk to personal and work references to ensure that you’re welcoming a responsible and qualified person into your home.

…Write a Contract
Carefully detail everything you expect and want in a nanny. Address particulars, such as work hours, transportation, pay, taxes to be withheld, overtime and vacation days, so that everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations for the position. Then make a contract that spells everything out.
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It’s best to be clear and upfront with what you’re looking for in a nanny. First, determine your non-negotiable points and go from there. More important, always follow your instincts. If someone looks great on paper, but you have reservations, go with your gut.



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