How to Interview a Nanny: In-Person Interview

A guide to in-person nanny interviews, including three main things to keep in mind when planning those interviews.

Planning the interviews
It’s often a good idea to conduct your first in-person meeting at a public location, such as a coffee shop. Also request to see a photo ID of the potential carer to confirm he or she is who they claim to be and any other information that is important to you, such as a copy of their Criminal Record check.
There are three main things to keep in mind when planning in-person interviews:

    1. If possible, schedule only one interview a day so you have time to reflect on each applicant.
    2. Would you rather meet in your home, or at a neutral location such as a coffee shop?
    3. Most importantly, prepare a list of questions and topics. Tip: Get started with our handy checklist of interview questions!

Asking your questions
This is your main opportunity to get a feel for an applicant. What’s their personality like? Would your family get along with them? Don’t be bashful about asking questions. After all, you’re hiring for a very important job.

Answering their questions
Your future carer will need to know about their role, so be prepared to answer questions, including:

    * What tasks are you expecting the prospective carer to do?
    * Was there anything you forgot to include in your job listing?
    * Are there any cultural aspects, religious practices, or dietary restrictions that the applicant should know?

Be honest and upfront. You’ll help avoid on-the-job surprises and find a caregiver who truly fits your family’s needs.

Introducing your family
Don’t forget about the little boss(es). Because your nanny will spend so much time with the children, it’s a good idea to have them meet top applicants.
Have your top choices individually meet your family after the initial meeting, so it’s not awkward for her or overwhelming for your children. Bonus: this practice run might actually give you the best insight into which applicant will be the best fit.

Congratulations! So you’ve found your nanny. You’re happy, your children are happy and your caregiver has a great job with a wonderful family. That means there’s only one thing left to do. Tell your friends about so they can find reliable childcare, senior care, pet care and more, of course!



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