How to Interview a Nanny

A guide to interviewing a nanny and how to screen candidates to find the best possible fit for your family.

Let’s face it, interviews aren’t fun. Employing a nanny is a big decision, and, of course, you want the best person for the job. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the interview process.

Your newfound popularity
Start your search for a child caregiver by posting a job on Once the responses start to come in, focus on candidates who match your requirements. Remember, a well-crafted job post is your template for finding great care.

Five things to consider when screening
1. Availability
Do your schedules match up? Be realistic – if they can’t stay past 5pm and you don’t get home until 6pm, you should move on to other applicants.
2. Skills
From first aid training to helping with homework to handicrafts, look at what skills a childcaregiver offers. Which are most important to your family?
3. Experience
Make sure the potential nanny has relevant experience for your child’s needs. Experience with newborns and cooking? Welcome to the shortlist!
4. Proximity
Having a caregiver who lives nearby can make all the difference with those out of the blue last minute situations such as illness or bad weather. Plus, fewer traffic delays.

5. Covering letter
A covering letter gives you a glimpse into your potential child caregiver’s true personality. Trust your intuition. While not everything, first impressions are still important.


Stay organised (and sane)

Remember to stay organised as you narrow down your list. For instance:
* Note your favourite caregivers
* Send a quick “No Thank You” note to applicants who don’t quite fit the bill
* Take notes to remind you of details throughout the hiring process


You’re now ready to move on to telephone interviews!



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