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Summer Sitter Preparation

With summer upon us, school-free kids need summer care. If you're considering a summer sitter, we’ve put together tips on prepping for the summer fun ahead.

Summer is upon us again and we all know what that means: School-free kids. While there are a few summer childcare options such as overnight camps or day camps and courses, hiring a summer sitter can be a great option if you want your kids to spend long days playing games around the neighborhood and having fun in the park.

So, with school over for another academic year, we’ve put together advice on prepping a new summer sitter for the warm months ahead. Follow 5 Steps to Finding Summer Childcare and check out the list below to be prepared.

1. Setting the schedule

Even if you want the nanny to do the scheduling, you’re still responsible for letting them know what you would like the kids to do. Talk about how your nanny should organize the day. But also give your nanny freedom to have lazy summer days with the kids, too. Every minute doesn’t have to be filled with a challenge or an activity – look for a summer babysitting option that includes ample time just having fun.

2. Prepping the kids

Prepare your kids for their summer sitter – after all, they’re the ones who are going to be spending the summer in their company. Let your kids meet or even spend a few hours with the sitter, before they start full time. And follow these tips on Helping Kids Be Prepared for a New Sitter.

3. Planning activities

What are acceptable summer activities and outings? What would you prefer your nanny not to do with your kids? Make lists of each, so everyone is on the same page. Be inspired by Summer Fun: 101 Things to Do with Kids.

4. Arranging playdates

Encourage your nanny to get friendly with the people watching your children’s friends over the summer. Help her schedule playdates for your kids with their friends as summer activities are much more fun when done in groups.

5. Establishing the rules

House rules around things like naptime, TV time and snacks sometimes ease up during the summer. Look at your list of rules, think about what might change for the summer — share that updated list with your new nanny. Discuss safety — then discuss it again. Make sure your nanny is certified in things like CPR/first aid and knows all about how to protect your kids during an emergency.

6. Sorting supplies

Sunscreen, flip fops, swimsuits, goggles — don’t make your nanny scramble to find these essentials. Have them out and clearly marked.

The main thing to remember – make sure the nanny knows that her job is to keep the kids happy and occupied, but that July and August are the months for taking it slow.

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