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  • 18 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

    Katrin Lewandowski November 19, 2018 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Grease, grime and grit have nothing on these awesome tips. Discover how to clean the toughest items in your kitchen and make them sparkle!
  • 9 Time-Saving Hacks for Parents

    The Care.com Team July 21, 2016 (1) Kommentar(e)
    When you’re a busy parent, life can get so hectic that you feel like you’ll never have time to squeeze everything in. These time-saving hacks will help you check off everything on your to-do list without losing your sanity!
  • Clever Ways to Clean Bad Stains & Messes

    The Care.com Team July 4, 2016 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Eight solutions for common household cleaning problems.
  • Cut House Chores Time in Half

    The Care.com Team May 23, 2016 (0) Kommentar(e)
    No one enjoys doing chores, so how can you make them go by faster? Here are 22 tips to help you get your house chores done quicker.
  • How to Grow a Family Garden

    The Care.com Team March 21, 2016 (4) Kommentar(e)
    Teach your kids that food doesn’t just magically appear at the supermarket by growing it together as a family.
  • The Ultimate Household Chore List

    The Care.com Team March 14, 2016 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Having trouble keeping your house clean and organized? Use a family chore chart to stay on top of the workload.
  • Natural Disinfectant Options for Cleaning

    The Care.com Team March 14, 2016 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Keep your home clean and green with these oh-so-earth-friendly choices.
  • Organize Your Home & Keep It That Way

    The Care.com Team March 14, 2016 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Try these easy-to-implement tips to help you get rid of clutter, get your home organized and get on with your life.
  • Last-Minute House Cleaning Check-List

    The Care.com Team January 18, 2016 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Here is our last-minute house cleaning guide for when a friend or family member only gives you 30 minutes’ notice! Here’s how to whizz around and prioritise.
  • How Much Should You Charge for Housekeeping Services?

    The Care.com Team January 18, 2016 (0) Kommentar(e)
    The cost of housekeeping services depends on a number of factors and can vary widely from one job to another.
  • 17 Top Cleaning Tips From Housekeepers

    The Care.com Team January 18, 2016 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Try out these 17 top cleaning tips to transform the way you clean: how to make sure you keep your costs down and keep your house sparkling!
  • Dealing With a Hoarding Problem

    The Care.com Team May 12, 2015 (0) Kommentar(e)
    Despite the challenges of hoarding, you can greatly reduce hoarding behaviour using some of the self-help steps in this article.
  • Starting Your Spring Clean

    The Care.com Team May 11, 2015 (0) Kommentar(e)
    To help get you get starting with a spring clean we’ve gone to the cleaning experts to gather their advice on how best to manage your spring clean.
  • 8 Secrets Housekeepers Keep

    The Care.com Team June 4, 2014 (1) Kommentar(e)
    Hiring someone to clean your house can create a great relationship but there are somethings housekeepers don’t share – here are 8 secrets housekeepers keep.
  • 5 Easy Steps to Posting An Odd Job on Care.com

    The Care.com Team May 23, 2014 (0) Kommentar(e)
    If your home is in need of an extra pair of hands why not let Care.com help you find someone. Here’s how with our 5 easy steps to posting an odd job on Care.com.
  • 9 Cleaning Tips from Hotel Housekeepers

    The Care.com Team February 17, 2014 (1) Kommentar(e)
    Hotel housekeepers clean 10,000s of rooms every year and you can learn a lot from their expertise!
  • Keep the Chaos in Check: A Daily Housekeeping Checklist

    The Care.com Team June 14, 2013 (1) Kommentar(e)
    The chaos of life can be overwhelming. But housekeeping can become less of a chore if you practice a few new habits – here’s a checklist to help.
  • How to Interview a Housekeeper or Cleaner

    The Care.com Team November 16, 2012 (0) Kommentar(e)
    A guide to interviewing prospective cleaners or housekeepers.