5 Easy Steps to Posting An Odd Job on

If your home is in need of an extra pair of hands why not let help you find someone. Here’s how with our 5 easy steps to posting an odd job on

With Summer just around the corner many busy families are spring cleaning their homes in time for BBQ season.
For some households the to-do list can feel a little overwhelming as the limited free time you’ve got just isn’t enough. If this sounds like you, don’t fret! While we would all love to do everything ourselves, for most busy families it is just simply not possible.
If your home is in need of an extra pair of hands why not let help you find someone like a cleaner or housekeeper. Here’s how with our 5 easy steps to posting an odd job:

1. Log Into Your Account or Join Free
You can post a job for free. Go to your My home page, click on the orange “Post a Job” button. From the drop down menu, select “Errands & Odd Jobs”. This will take you to the detailed part of the job post.

2. Give a Detailed Title
To get the best candidates, your title should be as informative as possible. It’s the first thing people see, and so it should describe exactly what you need. For example: “Creative-handy organizer needed for playroom makeover.” Or, “Child’s party helper needed for October 8th”. Give information about the type of caregiver you’re looking for. That way you won’t have to weed through unqualified applicants.

3. Write a Short & Sweet Description
This isn’t a nanny or pet care job, so limit the details to the necessities. A long description may deter a person who is only looking for a quick job on the side. Explain the steps of the job and what you need: someone who will be able to draw sketches of the playroom, hang shelves, buy accessories within a certain budget. Don’t be vague. A job-doer will be more inclined to apply to the job if they know what they’re getting themselves into.

4. Be Specific
When you move down to the dates, times and job details, think about what you want, when and for how long. Is this a one-time event, such as help moving furniture or do you need someone to pick up groceries every week? Enter that information and try to be as accurate as possible.

Save & Finish
The expiration date is the date your job will be removed from the site. Select a date about a month away to give caregivers enough time to apply. Then hit “Save and Finish” and you’re done!

Once you start hearing from candidates, you’ll have to decide if you want to be a Premium member, which would allow you to move forward and meet your favourites. Good luck!


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