cozy fall

Home Tips for a Cozy Fall

Making the best out of the season

Follow these home tips for a cozy fall and make the most out of these beautiful coming fall months.

Cozy Fall

After the hot, lazy days of summer, we are more than ready to experience the refreshing sights, smells, and sounds of those glorious fall days. Getting your home ready for the season is now one of the favorite things to do. Follow these home tips and make the most out of these beautiful fall months.

1. Bring nature indoors

We love being outdoors, so it’s essential to have little touches of nature placed strategically around the house. It carries us through when cabin fever sets in. Pine cones, colorful leaves, and fall-scented candles create a warm and natural atmosphere.

2. Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging our furniture satisfies the urge to organize and create a positive change to the home. Try a new layout, create smaller, cozier nooks within a room to encourage conversation, or put a few pieces in storage to make a room feel larger.

Cozy Fall

3. Switch out throws & pillows

Fall is the time for bold, bright colors and warm textures. Most people like to switch out lighter colors and summer-weight fabrics for throw blankets and pillows in hues of burgundy, gold, orange and brown. Fabrics such as suede, fleece, or flannel balance out the brighter colors and add depth to any room.

4. Spruce up the yard

Nothing says fall like a tidy, trim garden full of colorful fall flowers and other fall decor. It’s a great time to fertilize the lawn and trim back any overgrown shrubs and trees. Spruce up the front walkway with moms, and perk up porches and patios with hanging baskets, wreaths, hay bales, and dried corn stalks.

Simple touches can transform your space into a cozy haven to enjoy the brisk fall season. Of course, customize these home tips to include your favorite things about fall!

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Cozy Fall

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