Stress-free christmas

In Need of a Stress-free Christmas?

Here's How Your Housekeeper Can Help

Here are some ways your housekeeper can help you lighten your load this Christmas.

stress-free christmas

Is your holiday to-do list so long that it will take you until February to complete? Instead of stressing about everything that must be done, hire a housekeeper or ask your current one to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Housekeepers should be trained in doing everything that pertains to cleaning. That includes holiday cleaning jobs. But there is so much more they can do. Here are the best ways your housekeeper can help you lighten your load this Christmas:

1. Give the kitchen special attention

The kitchen is the center of holiday preparations, so it could use extra attention in the days leading up to the big celebration. Ask your housekeeper to clean the inside of the fridge, freezer and oven, wipe down the tops of the cabinets and sweep under the stove and the fridge. In addition to organizing the pantry, ask if your housekeeper can assist with the holiday food preparation that can be done ahead of time, for example, sauces, stuffing, vegetable prep and baking.

2. Pull out the decorations

Asking your housekeeper to be your holiday decorator is an unreasonable request. Not all housekeepers are comfortable doing that. It is not a natural part of the training to be a housekeeper. However, getting the decorations out of storage, unwrapping them, dusting/cleaning them and then packing them away after the season, are areas where your housekeeper can help.

3. Prepare the guest room

If you’re expecting holiday company, have your housekeeper help you get a room ready. This might involve clearing closet space, cleaning a mattress or laying out fresh linens. Your housekeeper can prepare the guest bathroom by stocking it with extra towels, toilet paper and travel-size products. During the visit, your housekeeper can freshen guest areas as needed.

4. Maintain the festive look

Here are some other seasonal tasks that you can instruct your housekeeper to watch out for:

  • Sweep pine needles around the Christmas tree
  • Water the tree or any holiday plants like poinsettias
  • Tidy the fireplace log pile
  • Clean the chimney
  • Change the bedding to holiday bedding
  • Dust the holiday card display

Stress-free Christmas

5. Get the table ready

Your housekeeper can also get the table ready for a fancy holiday dinner. They can help by going through the cupboards and washing any crystal that will be used. A housekeeper can also polish silverware, inventory candles, iron tablecloths, fold napkins, wash serving trays and arrange place settings.

Of course, there are some jobs you shouldn’t ask your housekeeper to tackle. These include things like moving heavy furniture, climbing high ladders or hanging lights. Keep the chore list reasonable and always ask if your housekeeper would mind helping with these areas–don’t demand extra chores.

Remember, your housekeeper wants to enjoy the season, too. If you’re going to need additional help, mention it early. It is best to plan ahead, so the housekeeper is aware they might need extra time for the holiday tasks.

And if you’re asking for extra help, don’t forget to pay more for that work. Plus, if you have a housekeeper you work with regularly, don’t forget a holiday bonus or at least hand over a nice Christmas gift.

Your holiday to-do list might feel never-ending, but with your housekeeper’s help, you’ll tackle it in plenty of time to relax by the fire with the ones you love.

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stress-free christmas

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