Dog Personalities

10 Different Dog Personalities

These 10 dog personalities might remind you of a few people you know.

Have you ever stopped to think about your dog’s personality? Well, you should! Your pet has unique quirks and characteristics, just like you do. In fact, some canines can remind you quite a bit of the people you know and love.

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Here are 10 dog personalities that you might be able to relate to:

 1. Labrador Retriever: The first crush

Labrador retrievers tend to be outgoing and friendly. As a person, a Lab would likely be the romantic comedy-esque Romeo who caught your eye. Even if you don’t stay together, you’re always happy to see him. Likes: Flirting. Dislikes: Not being your favorite.

2. German Shepherd: The everyday hero

If any dog were going to be able to fly or shoot laser beams from her eyes, it’d be the courageous German shepherd. As a person, she’d likely be a cop, a fire fighter or maybe even a member of the bomb squad. While the Everyday Hero may be annoyingly stoic at times, you can count on her to be there when you get a flat tire in the middle of the night. Likes: Action movies. Dislikes: Not being in charge.

3. Bulldog: The gruff grandpa

A tough bulldog will reveal his soft underbelly after you exhibit some love and affection. If he were a person, he’d be the Grandpa who wants the kids to “quiet down already!” but also slips the little ones a candy bar or dollar bill when his wife isn’t looking. Likes: The people who are able to wear down his tough exterior. Dislikes: Running.

4. Beagle: The go-with-the-flow friend

A beagle is down for anything, whether you’re taking a nap, going for a car ride or eating a tasty snack. As a result, he’d likely be the friend in your group who prefers to leave it up to others to decide which restaurant to go to or which movie to see. Likes: Doing stuff you like! Dislikes: Nothing!

5. Yorkshire Terrier: The glamorous Goddess

Yorkies are known for their long, flowing hair and beautiful appearance. If your Yorkie was a person, she’d be the girl who heads to the bowling alley dressed like she’s going to meet the Queen. She just needs “one sec” to check her hair from the back. Although this routine can get a bit annoying, the Glamorous Goddess is worth the wait! She’s fun to be around and she sure can make an entrance. Likes: Hair accessories. Dislikes: Knots.

6. Poodle: The popular girl

Poodles tend to emit a certain sense of confidence and attitude when they strut their stuff down the sidewalk. If your poodle was a person, she’d be just as clever as she is put together. And though she might look like all she cares about is her designer handbag, she’s smart enough to back up her ego with sheer intelligence. Likes: Good hair days. Dislikes: Almost everyone at every party.

7. Boxer: The protector

Boxers are known for being good guard dogs. If this pet were to take on a human form, he’d be the guy you can count on to defend you and your friends. Though the Protector’s energetic nature may make him kind of exhausting to be around, you want him on your side. Likes: Marking his territory. Dislikes: People who are rude to his friends.

8. Rottweiler: The jock

The first thing you may notice about a Rottweiler is his bulky appearance. In fact, some tend to be quite muscular! As a human, this breed would translate well to the Jock. You’ll typically find him at the gym, where he spends three to six hours a day working out. Likes: The smell of sweat. Dislikes: Pulling a hammy.

9. Great Dane: The homebody

A Great Dane is the kind of dependable dog that just loves to snuggle up on the couch, which makes him the perfect fit for the Homebody persona. In human form, he might be the guy who prioritizes napping over basketball tryouts. And, though he’s super grown-up looking, he’s probably not too into the idea of getting a job or moving out of his mother’s house. Instead, he’s the kind of friend you love to hang out with when you’ve had a bad day and just want to sit back and order a pizza. Likes: Naps and Netflix binges. Dislikes: Alarm clocks.

10. Dachshund: The self-conscious friend

A dachshund’s long torso and short legs may make her feel like a bit of an outcast among her fellow canines. As such, she’d likely be the friend in your group who’s always a bit self-conscious. No matter how much you remind her of her many good qualities, she tends to focus on the fact that her ears look sort of funny today. But once she relaxes, she’s great to be around. Likes: Meeting new people. Dislikes: Meeting new people.

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Can you think of any other funny dog personalities? Let us know in the comments below!

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