5 Ideas for Fun Dog Outings

Care.com has found 5 fun dog outings that you and your family can enjoy, with your furry friend. Dog outings don't have to be to the park!

Before deciding where to go with your pooch there are a few things to consider. Plus, it is great for you as well: fresh air, exercise plus your best friend wagging his tail is a wonderful way to beat the blues and any accumulated stresses and strains of your week.
Another big factor is whether your dog can manage off the lead, or if she needs a fenced-in area for some play time. Of course, always take into account how well your pup plays with other dogs. Once you know your dog’s limits, it’s time to get out and play. Here are some ideas for dog outings to get you started:

Play with the Children
Dogs are part of our families too, and there’s nothing more fun than watching the little ones playing with their furry playmates. In the same way that play dates between children cultivate healthy, lasting friendships, interactions between your children and pets helps your children gain respect for your animal and vice versa. You, a babysitter or a nanny should always supervise these. Have your child blow dog-friendly bubbles; the dogs will love trying to catch them! You could also set up a race between the children and your pup or play hide-and-seek – have the children hide while your pooch tries to sniff them out.

Head to the Dog Beach
If you’re lucky enough to live by the coast, there are beaches which allow dog walking (usually outside of holiday season). Scout out your local spot and wrap up warm, these are brilliant places for a stroll.

Play Games in the Park
Parks are a great place for your canine friend to get some exercise and interact with lots of other dogs. Play football, Frisbee, fetch or just let your dogs run around with some new friends. You know your dog well but it’s never a certainty how another dog may react to things so always keep a close eye. It’s a good idea to check out the prospective park without your dog first to establish its suitability. Also, be sure to check that your park or green area allows dogs, and whether or not there are any areas you need to keep dogs on a lead.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure
Dogs are natural explorers, and taking them on a hike is a wonderful way to satiate their curiosity, whether they’re on or off the leash. No matter which part of the country you live in, rural areas are never too far away.

Train Your Dog at an Agility Course
Who said training has to be all work? Agility Association of Canada have a great directory of clubs and classes located all over the country. These are a great way to focus your dog’s abundant energy, help him gain confidence and also getting in some exercise. Make sure that your pet’s breed is suited to agility classes and that you start them off at the right age (some pedigrees will suffer from joint issues if they begin strenuous exercise before they are fully grown).

What matters is that, while staying safe, both you and your dog are having fun. You can do fun outings like this every week, or more often with dogs that require more exercise. Your dog will love it every time!



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