How to Get Pet Owners to Respond to You on

Whether you're a pet sitter or dog walker looking for jobs, here are tips for creating a profile that gets results.

Many people view their pets as important members of their family. And they look for pet care that offers the best possible service for their furry loved ones. You know you can provide that high level of care — you just have to convince the pet owners!
To help you land that perfect pet care job, here are some tips to enhance your profile and your application.
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Be Specific
We often see people posting phrases on their profiles like “I had a dog growing up, so I know what to do”, with no further explanation. If you are ambiguous when it comes to what you offer or how you know what do to, it will be hard for a family to choose you over others. Go into more detail. You can mention that you love animals and say why, but also explain why you’d be great for a pet sitting or dog walking job.

Be Detailed
When responding to job postings, mention things only a seasoned pro would know. If the family is looking to hire a dog walker, talk about your favourite local places to go for a walk. Anything you can do to separate yourself from the rest of the pack and prove how dedicated you are is a plus. Here are some ideas for things to mention in your profile:
o basic pet care techniques you know
o pet-friendly parks and beaches you love
o how you would amuse the pet (your favourite cat toys, etc)
o what type of popular dog training technique you favour
o your favourite breeds: if you love Bloodhounds or Himalayan cats, let people know
The more detail you supply and the more you sell yourself, the easier it will be for a family to want to contact — and hire — you!

Be Knowledgeable
Pet owners want to know they are leaving their treasured pets in the best possible hands. Read up on the latest trends in the pet care industry. Have there been any pet medication or food recalls? Update your profile to briefly weigh in on recent controversies. It will show potential employers that you are engaged and interested in what is going on.

Be Certified
If you are serious about being in the pet care industry, certification goes a long way. It shows you have completed a course and done the necessary hours of training. Although you do need to shell out some dough to get certified, you will stand out to families looking to hire.
If you are already certified or have taken classes on pet care, mention that in your profile and application.

Be Yourself
People tend to think of pets as their children. They want the best care for their friend, and rightly so. Just as some babysitters may not be comfortable watching kids of a certain age, it’s okay to say you may not be comfortable around a certain breed or large dogs. This lets family know you are honest about your qualifications and helps them figure out if you would be a good fit for the job.

Be Insured
If you’re a pet sitter, it’s crucial that you have insurance. From potential emergencies related to the pet (Fido may have sprained his paw on that walk) or the home (you may have spilled something on the expensive carpet), you want to make sure you’re covered. Pointing out that you have insurance in case the unimaginable happens shows families that you are a serious pet care professional. Some families may require you to get insurance before they hire anyway, so if you’re proactive and have it in advance, more jobs may be offered. Ask your current insurance company if they have pet sitter insurance, or search online for companies that offer it.

Be Social
Pet owners and specialists are very social people. Who doesn’t love to share cute puppy pictures with their friends? Lots of pet care experts and businesses are on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter — and you should be too. If you need to boost your fur kid knowledge, start liking and following pet-centric profiles and websites.

And keep at it. You may not find a match with the first job you apply for, but the right job is out there for you. Keep these tips in mind as you’re filling out a profile and sending out applications and you’ll make your pet care job hunt much more successful.



  1. How to Get Pet Owners to Respond to You on
    Agnes Murphy | Sunday,November 22.2015

    Thank you for this information. I found it really helpful. I never even thought about Pet Sitter Insurance but I will be looking into the purchase of it. I hope to take your suggestions into practice,

  2. How to Get Pet Owners to Respond to You on
    Kathy gunnyon | Friday,February 19.2016

    I myself have had pet insurance in the past. Will consider it again . I have raised bulldogs in the past and have been a breeder for many years. My love for animals goes way beyond . They are like my babies. I treat all animals with love , care and understand what they need . I am very well knowable to their cause and livelihoods

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