Valentine's Day with Seniors

7 Tips for Spending Valentine’s Day with Seniors

Great ideas for spending Valentine's Day with seniors you know.

Make this year special and spend Valentine’s day with seniors in your life.

If you have an aging parent, grandparent or neighbour who would otherwise be alone or in a care home, then make their Valentine’s Day a special occasion with these great ideas:

1. Flowers 

Call to your loved one’s home with their favourite flowers. You can include a handwritten message that tells them all the things you admire most about them.

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2. A little dessert 

If the person you are visiting has a sweet tooth consider baking (or buying) their favourite dessert. You can share a piece together when you visit and are reminiscing over fond memories.

3. Frame a picture  

If you have any pictures of you and your senior loved one, framing one and bringing it to them as a Valentine’s gift is a great idea. You can bond over your shared memories from when the photo was taken and leave a lovely present when you go.

4. Stay for a chat  

Sometimes there is no greater gift than sitting and having a chat. If your loved one has lost a partner, reminiscing about their love on Valentine’s Day might be just what they need.

5. Old romantic movies 

Find out what their favourite old romantic movie is and watch it together. Who wouldn’t love to spend Valentine’s Day watching Casablanca!

6. Go for a walk 

Stay active this Valentine’s Day and go for a leisurely stroll together in a nearby park or any scenic nature spots.

7. Invite friends over  

Why not make a bit of a party out of it? Invite some neighbours, friends or family over and have an evening of socializing with your elderly loved one.


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